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  1. you can`t shoot me

    First Impressions: Tokyo Marui M4 MWS GBBR

    I picked up an orga magnus vsr 200mm widebore to bring the fps down as i thought most tm gbbs were all vsr cut but unfortunely the barrel cuts are not in the right position for the tm m4 or any of the gbb pistols, so must just be vsr only. Still haven`t decided wether to try to make new cuts slightly further down the barrel or just try to sell it on and try to lower the power via the nozzle.
  2. you can`t shoot me

    First Impressions: Tokyo Marui M4 MWS GBBR

    I thought it may have been something else or an issue with the mag but as soon as i put the silver tube back into the same mag it fired fine again. Didn`t do a lot of testing but i also noticed the chrono results where a little strange. With the silver tube installed it fired around 380fps on green gas dropping steady until the end of the 40-50 rounds but with the silver tube removed it would fire one shot at 360 then 340 and seemed to repeat this pattern. As i said only tested it quickly before putting the silver tube back in and never got around to testing it again but can`t understand why removing the silver tube would alter the chrono results. If you are using it with the silver tubes removed on green gas how long are you filling them as i found it could hold over 30 seconds of gas so perhaps it causes problems if extremely overfilled also are you using green gas or propane as i did think it may have been an issue with too much silicone in the gunfire smart gas i was using but it works fine with the silver tube installed.
  3. you can`t shoot me

    First Impressions: Tokyo Marui M4 MWS GBBR

    I found that with the silver tube in the mag shooting indoors with green gas i was shooting 40-50 shots in semi with the tube removed 80-90 shots in semi but when i went full auto with the tube removed and the mag fully gassed with green gas it would not even empty half a mag, it just sputtered with gas spraying everywhere particularly out the barrel. It is not as bad as long as you don`t over fill the mag but then you are back to 50-60 shots so i just put the silver tube back and it went back to empting the full mag perfectly in full auto without gas spraying out the barrel. So in my experience removing the silver tube allows you to overfill the mag but affects performance especially in full auto.
  4. you can`t shoot me

    Tokyo Marui AA12

    Noticed a few people mention difficulty in chronoing, what chrono was being used as i chrono`d my brothers put 10-12 shots through an excortech and it read every shot between 250-260fps without issue.
  5. you can`t shoot me

    First Impressions: Tokyo Marui M4 MWS GBBR

    I would assume it uses standard vsr style barrels and rubbers same as most tm but have not stripped it down yet to confirm. I have been looking at widebore barrels and am considering a 200mm 6.23 vsr style magnus orga barrel and going by experience it will likely drop the power about 40 or so fps so hopefully enough to run at 1j with ultra or green gas but i`ll probably still have to restrict the nozzle as well. Just waiting for spare nozzles to come out before messing with it, hopefully an adjustable option to save me any bother doing it myself.
  6. you can`t shoot me

    First Impressions: Tokyo Marui M4 MWS GBBR

    Problem is that the 144a at current temp here is not enough pressure to cycle the bolt properly, i had the same issue but no problems with abbey ultra or green gas. It will cycle better in the summer with 144a. I think i will either get a spare nozzle when they become available and try using a grubscrew to make it adjustable or experiment with wider bore barrels to allow the ultra or green for blowback and still keep the power lower.
  7. you can`t shoot me

    First Impressions: Tokyo Marui M4 MWS GBBR

    Also received mine from firesupport yesterday, haven`t tested it thoroughly yet but initially have noticed it firing considerably higher than expected. Chronoing indoors with 0.2`s I am getting 360-370 fps with abbey ultra jumping up to 1.5j when using 0.28`s. Performance is very good with abbey ultra but not so much with 144a as although it is chronoing around 1j, even indoors it is very sluggish and half way through the mag it starts to fire one shot then the blowback is not strong enough to load the next shoot and it will repeat that every two shots until the gas runs out with a few bbs left in the mag. Testing on hpa it needs the psi lowered to around 40 psi to get it firing 0.28`s at 1j but the psi is not high enough to cycle the gun properly, I am sure there will be many aftermarket options so perhaps a restricted or adjustable nozzle which restricts the air flow to allow higher powered gas to be used for cycling without rising the fps as much as the orginal nozzle or a wider bore barrel. I could do similar to the ghk adjustable nozzles and fit a grubscrew which screws into the nozzle but until spares are available I wouldn`t be to keen to modify it. It may not be as much of an issue for those who aren`t restricted to 1j but I was hoping to not need to lower the power as it is a tm gun.
  8. The inner barrels are secured with a small plastic piece at the front, it just clips onto the three barrels at the front to keep them in position so if it is only a case of it slightly out of position blocking the barrels it should be easy to fix. You might even be able to look down the barrel and use a long screw driver to push it back into place onto the three barrels without having to take it apart.
  9. My tm m870 and ics m1 garand feed ok with guarder 0.28s most of the time but seem to jam up every so often but G&G 0.28s seem to be better and feed without issue. Saying that I have a tm 870 I bought from pro airsoft supplies which jammed up completely, the pump was stuck half way, sent it back and they replaced part number 870T-36 with a steel replacement and then stated it still wasn`t working so they had to use other parts from broken model to replace other parts which were damaged but since I got it back it never worked, it will not feed right at all no matter what bbs I use. Most of the time with a fully loaded shell it will not rack as the pump jams so I have to eject the shell the rack the pump to clear the bbs and try again until it pumps freely but even then it still only loads bbs half of the time and dryfires the other half randomly. At this point I just gave up on it and am keeping it for parts as I have another m870 and a breacher which I have had no issues with apart from the breacher completely destroying the valve oring on green gas. I did notice that some of the parts seem to be designed slightly different between my m870`s so tm may have changed the design of a few of the parts between batches and some of the parts maybe just don`t work well together or the steel 870t-36 part is slightly thicker than the orginal so it could be that but rather than replacing all these parts with more expensive aftermarket parts and hoping that fixes the problem it would cheaper to just buy a new m870.
  10. you can`t shoot me

    Tippmann M4 post game review

    What rof are you getting with them, I have one serial no 550 which I have been trying to get slightly higher rof but seems to only work reliably at around 5-8 rps. I can turn the adjustment slightly and get 9-10 rps but it starts to fire in random bursts anything from a two round burst to a long burst then it will stop, once I release the trigger and press again it will fire another burst. I have been told there may be details on a facebook tippman group page to a better way to adjust the rof by shimming the trigger unit but I can`t find any info on it anywhere else and I am not on facebook. I have also read that tippman are supposed to be releasing a different trigger unit to fix this issue which I assume is true as on there website they state the adjustment is now different for models serial number 1167 and on. Also I noticed on mine that when chronoing with 0.2s I have it chronoing at 315-320 fps in semi but when testing the rps in full auto the fps drops to 260 fps. It only seems to lose about 10fps when chronoing with 0.28s but it does seem to be chronoing lower in full auto than semi. I haven`t noticed a drop when test firing so wether this is an error in the chrono due to full auto I am not sure but was wondering if anyone else has noticed this.
  11. I had about 10 of the asg shells which feed ok in my tm spring shotgun but in the m870 they just wouldn`t feed right at all Most of them would only fire once then stop feeding if you push the shell back into place after each shot you hear a little click and it would feed for another one shot. I decided to just buy some tm shells and they feed perfectly everytime with the added advantage I can also now use guarder 0.28 bbs which my asg shells just couldn`t handle. Sure the tm shells are expensive but at least you know they will work.
  12. you can`t shoot me



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