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  1. Well this is my sas ct black kit 2005 era .
  2. mine !! which are star brand , have had them for nearly 3 years
  3. I think ares use metal gearboxes in the l85 / l85 (sa80) as to the plastic ones in the star models . I've a l85 with broken gearbox and as star don't reply to emails i looked on ares site and found them which are metal .
  4. me in my sas gear collected over the year then me in my sniper gear and british loadlout
  5. i feel victim to this aswell have worked it out just after reading the posts above , i was searching for sas but didnt find anything !!
  6. and without the launcher but with a real knife attached
  7. star aw338 and maruzen l96
  8. heres my l85 with grenade launcher
  9. me as a sniper and as a gunner and me in my sas gear
  10. yip bayonet fits on nicely now the mag with the bullets is for show
  11. yeh i took mine of not and put it back into box over a month ago ,it did weight you down and for some reason i thought the mini battery wasnt any good compared with my 3300 battery so my gun now !
  12. just showing of my star l85(sa80) with ugl . i have taking the ugl of now killer to carry about
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