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  1. Beware this man - He works with real Zombie Plagues for a living O:-)

  2. 250 thats quite nice to know quite respectable actually.
  3. i think its around 30 rounds in the stick mag. and you'd get aroung 300 - 350 in the drum
  4. Thanks for the awesome vz61 scorpion review!

  5. I didnt see a review floating around here so i said i would do a brief review to allow people to buy with a little bit more confidence than buying without a review. hope it helps. Manufacturer: Well/Wellfire. Item: VZ. 61. Skorpion. Type: AEP Power Source: 7.2 AEP type battery supplied battery is 450mah. FPS: roughly 220 Hop-up: adjustable. Ordered this off http://www.gunnerairsoft.com and received it via UPS in just over 1 working week. The AEP came well packaged and in a box that to me looks like a direct clone of the TM packaging it’s just one in a long line of little im
  6. well is it and yes i am aware that the penguin is an antarctic avain
  7. a comment box with nothimg in it?

    burn the apostate :)

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