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    Phoenix Airsoft Adventures is having a themed weekend event starting Saturday and finishing Sunday evening. Saturday 09:30 till 16:00 - Theamed Open Day (Woodland site) - Part 1 Maybe a BBQ or Buffet 17:00 - 20:30 (Bosses permitting) Saturday Night 21:00 - 01:00 Night Operation - Part 2 Sunday 09:30 til 16:30 - Themed Urban Day - Part 3 Members Own Gun - £50 inc. BBQ Members Hiring - £60 inc. BBQ Non-Members Own Gun - £60 inc. BBQ Non-Members Hiring - £65 inc. BBQ Accommodation available for our long distance guests at £5 per head for the night. Theme for the wee
  2. Phoenix Airsoft UK are hosting a Haloween Hunt game on the 28th October. IT is a themed event, information as follows: 1 month ago a covert force of 22 S.A.S and a small fire team of 8 men from the Stafford’s went out on a small 48-hour exercise. Only one man returned, military intelligence has still not made heads or tails of the ramblings of Corporal Cooper and have since section 8'd him. This squad has been put together out of the best the army has to offer and it will venture into the last know positions of both these units and investigate the local area. Accompanying your team
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