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  1. Pretty much all the GAU/GUU-5s have been upgraded to M4 status. I know our SERE guys still have some GAUs in their armory, but it's just the lower that's original. The upper and trigger group are all M4 specs.
  2. You can pick up the ABS-G combat shirts from USCav, but they run around $200. I'll wait 'till I get issued one.
  3. No pilot I've ever met, or seen downrange (and I know a lot of pilots), has ever carried a Sig. The only AF personnel I've seen carry Sigs are AFOSI.
  4. Is that duct tape over his M203? Interesting, never seen that before...
  5. Kraut, that loadout looks great - definitely got the FF look going. I don't remember seeing you at Irene, though. Unfortunately we were taking so many pictures of TFR during the first scenario that no one got any of us (that we've seen anyways). But here's me and the good colonel: The beard came off as soon as I got home, it was driving me nuts.
  6. CZ, looks great as usual - your AKSU is a thing of beauty. I don't suppose you're planning on coming over to our neck of the woods in November for Ivan Hammer?
  7. My freedom fighter loadout for OP:I-VI
  8. That is, quite possibly, the most amusing thing I've ever heard.
  9. Best picture of me. Ever.
  10. We've finally been issued our DF-LCS (Defensor Fortis Load Carriage System). As you can see, it's ACU - the Air Force will not be issuing combat gear in the ABU pattern: Pretty much all Eagle Industries stuff, I probably would've picked different pouches, but hey, not my choice. Still haven't received first line yet. Once we do, stuff will get moved around again. IBA pouches include: 2x 3xM16 mag 4x 2xM16 mag 2x single baseball grenade 3x single M9 mag 1x handcuff pouch 1x IFAK pouch 1x MBITR pouch (back) 2x 1L water bottle pouch (back) 1x hydro/Camelbak
  11. From Hickam's website: Hickam is home to many active duty units - mainly the 15th AW, but there's quite a few tenant units, as well.
  12. PJ, even our helmet covers and IBA covers are being done in ACU, not ABU. I know that there are some commercial ABU helmet covers out there, but they are not authorized (of course, why would they be? That would just make sense.) We are also all issued Safariland 6005 holsters for our Berettas - but unfortunately, ours are black, not FDE.
  13. Missed a wee bit on your forward assist, but other than that, looks phenomenal.
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