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  1. Anyone know of any upper receivers compatible with CA? Or will I need to get a new receiver set? And anyone know of 14.5 barrels compatible with CA? Thanks in advance.
  2. Zepher I think your loadout is pretty freakin awesome the way it is, a lil more dirt, and a full beard would definitely finish it off. But I agree about the belt/safariland/M9, maybe some comms/sunglasses? Overall, pretty epic. I might go after something similar after I finish my CAG loadout.
  3. That just goes to prove that airsoft is sometimes more about fashion, I mean, the amount of multicam fabric in the boots doesn't really help blend in any better.
  4. Where can I get a rubber buttpad for a CAR stock? I can only find the LE stock rubber pad.
  5. Dang, too late to edit my post. Iforgot to post this, so I might as well. I also recommended the SG HPC w/cummerbund because Gearzone Products has a sale on them. Only Medium size available. I'd thought it would be logical, because he could save money on pouches because he could use the ones from his SG RAV. I have one and its a great piece of kit. http://www.gearzoneproducts.com/index.asp?...D=4388&HS=1
  6. Anyone know a good source for ANVIS mounts besides Ebay, I refuse to purchase stuff from there unless it is the only place to do so.
  7. Exactly, just to make it a little bit more special. And I'm sorry if I seemed pushy, in the end it's totally up to him
  8. O definitely go for the 3color RAV (Where did you get one of those), or get a Paraclete HPC in SG, one can never have enough gear.
  9. YES! Thanks a bunch bro, black PEQ-15 it is then.
  10. An LBP would really finish off that lid.
  11. Ok, thanks atomicardvark, yes my kit will be a DA one. I will go with the MICH 2002, gangsta grip, and , I'll hold off the PEQ 15 for a while, until someone can say for sure if black ones are in use. I just hate the FDE color. I hadn't realized I am very well on my way to a CAG loadout. I just need an ANVIS mount, will get one when i have enough dough. Great kit mysl1.
  12. Ok screw the chest rig, where does one find guns and gear buying girlfriends/fiancees? You, lucky, lucky, man. I guess that rig is nice...
  13. LOL at the fake beard Ok guys, I'm in the final stretch for my kit and I have a few questions. Kitlist ACUs Merrel Chameleon Boots Black Nomex Gloves Paraclete SG HPC and Pouches: .45 Pistol Quad, 3 Paraclete M4 Doubles, 1 MBITR, 1 TAG Hydration on the back. Cyalumes. Grimlocs. Specs Ops Belt with Spec Ops supsenders with Blackhawk Holster for 1911 .45 Black Alta Knee Pads Replica Comtac Replica MBITR Tadgear Stealth Hoodie V4 Gats M4 CQBR + "Gangsta" pistol grip + EOtech 1911 Ok, so I'm doing a SF kit, and was wondering: 1.- Is it OK for me to u
  14. Is the 3 point norotos used by Army SF? I know the Navy and the AF use them, but how about the ARMY, do they only use the ANVIS and the Rhino mounts?
  15. Oh well, too bad, not really a fan of the Eo-techs. Thanks bro.
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