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  1. i had the same problem, a few pages back i think hwagan posted the cure (and it 100% solved all wobble, it even removed the small gap i had between the receivers!). Slip a rubber o-ring onto the upper receiver, where the front pin goes through it. It doesn't take a very big o-ring at all, i used one that was part of my element flashlight.
  2. Got mine from redwolf, where it does not come with a push button tail-cap. Can anyone help me find it for sale somewhere? I just looked up the real surefire tail-cap and it cost $38, almost as much as the flashlight!
  3. veratek


    I wanted the ghk pdw as my first gbbr for a loong time now, and i keep hearing more faults about the WE. The fact that the GHK doesn't have a proper hop-up is not a plus for me, how long is the design going to hold up before needing replacement?
  4. I've been using a 9.6v nunchuck battery with good results, it fits right into the vltor stock - there are 2 panels that come off and you pop the battery sticks inside. Since you said you want the best out of the gun..In my experience with the sentry, I'd just go for the lipo..because my 9.6v nimh always 'jams' the gearbox when the battery is dying, forcing me to put in another battery just to clear the chamber + release the spring. Plus, with the 9.6 nimh the gun whines and has slower trigger response..it just felt like the gun wanted a stronger battery. So I've also been running an
  5. veratek

    KWA SR10

    I can throw a video up of the kwa shooting the bottom of 10 different soda cans and never piercing with a 9.6 1400mah, but switch to the lipo and it breaks the can everytime i'm not saying the battery increases fps, i think the mAh rating can be too low on some batteries though.
  6. veratek

    KWA SR10

    yes i know that battery doesn't effect fps from the voltage, but if your battery doesn't have high enough MAH rating, it can be under powering your aeg. So there is a way to LOSE fps from using a battery that doesn't have high enough mah, and so I personally gained FPS by using a better battery. I know for a fact that using a 9.6 1400mah gave less fps then my lipo.
  7. veratek

    KWA SR10

    kwa makes the best airsoft gun, compared to ca, g&p, tm, it's all behind you once you get a kwa. Bah you've all heard it before, but here's a few things that really seal the deal imo. I've had a kwa carbine for 4 months of active use now and it has never misfired, the hopup, the BUILD quality..the fit and finish is flawless. But the first thing you'll notice is the incredible trigger response, Any of you bummed about the unique looking trades or unsure if certain parts need replacing? Just try a KWA, and don't make the mistake I did of using a 9.6 1600mah battery, just go for the 11.1v! B
  8. you guys have beautiful pieces..blows away everything I've seen around here. and uscmcorp and novekse..those are amazing collections! I notice some Pmags have a window like the RS versions? But all the retailers I've seen only carry the windowless Pmags
  9. right around here on the top-handguard. This gap was too narrow to slide the front ring into.
  10. woozie that paintjob is something special. It looks 100% pro, and I can't believe how effective the camo looks in those pics. very nice man.
  11. yeah it works. I used a MOE on my kwa, and it should fit any standard carbine length m4's with delta ring. You will have to remove the steel insert (it's meant to be removable). The only thing is, I had to do some light sanding/chipping around the fittings, otherwise it was too tight a fit.
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