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  1. Sounds good to me!!! My wife and I just came from Mexico and we bought some mexican coffee give me your P.O. Box and I will send you a couple of pounds!!! Thank you, Arnie.
  2. Hi Arnie, I was wondering if it's possible to put in the front page the last pics that have been upload to the gallery, just like in the old forums??? and maybe also the most recent threads from the forums... I really miss that, it was very convenient to have a part of the gallery and forum in the front page. What do you think???
  3. That's simply amazing! one of the best mods that I have seen! I'm an Armalite lover so this pic just bring tears to my eyes! Where did you get the kit? Real steel:
  4. Something that I will like to know is if Samurai has any kind of liscence to reproduce Elcan's sight??? ...
  5. I really miss the gallery... It was one of the biggest if not the biggest out there and the quality of guns was so good... it's going to be really hard to replace some of the pictures from the old forum... Anyone remembers who was the guy that use to have all his handguns in a glass cabinet???
  6. Well the review is already on-line at RR
  7. I think he means at the front page... Like we used to have in the right side displaying the last 5 topics...
  8. I do the same I don't like to keep track of how much I spend of my guns that way when my wife ask me how much did I spend on something, I can honestly say that I don't have any idea!!! and my wife is like a lie detector!!!
  9. Your gun looks great Marcus, so how much money did you end up spending on your S&W???
  10. I honestly think that keeping things simple is the best, threads are easier to find and navegate. Please let's not over kill...
  11. Is there a way I can help??? It doesn't sound fun but I will do it for the website!!!
  12. Hi Arnie, I'm just wondering if you have plans to bring back the gallery??? PLEASE SAY YES!!!
  13. Yeahhh!!! I'm member 29!!! I did better than in the old forums... LOL I think I was somewhere in the 400's
  14. I'm really glad that we are back on business!!!
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