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    Awesome seller, great item, sensibly priced, well packaged, great comms, 100% recommended.

  3. check out zombie strippers for a whole host of chinese cheapsoft goodness. plus the total cheese factor of it, no body in that film has ever had an acting lesson. they even attached all the nasty extras like the laser and red dot to the shotties!! pure unadulterated win
  4. just a little message for the guy in front of the barrel its only polite
  5. couple of pics of my wee beasty, appologies for quality took them on my phone. one thing about the star, why the hell did star recess the winder on the mags so much!
  6. its got to be the star version for me, had a g&g a while ago and it was incredibly unreliable had it in bits more time than it was working and then it had very tempremental performance, the range was fine one burst then just piddle out the barrel the next. not impressed. just recently accuired a star ump as a project gun and am very impressed with it, feels more solid and hefty well put together. once id got it working like i say was a project it performs buetifully great hop good range for a smg who cares if the cocking handle dont move its not like it does anything anyway. like the hoeck
  7. i bet spike isnt in it either! and bumble bee is a flippin peugeot! up against the wall hollywood scum.
  8. thats a whole heap of ak goodness there. and after seeing so many nice examples on this thread i thought it was only fair to share my rough old dog with you. she aint pretty but she does the job. started out as a very nice full stock src in great condition but i thought who needs a stock so ripped it off, then the problem of accurate aim came up so in to the garage weld up a quick galil style stock and bingo. then as i had an m203 knockin about that got nailed on the front, much skirmish field hammer and there you go . i know your blown away by her beauty and i can imagine your all drooling wi
  9. nice! how much of a pain in the *albartroth* was the 870 stock to fit mate?
  10. nearly finished this little honey, its a ktw? itacha m37 had a fiddle with its insides seems to be fireing stronger and doesnt sound so springy now. home made full stock in mahogoney, its fixed with internal pins. butt pad off an old webley air gun, need to darken it yet and fit sling loops but quite pleased with it. some nice shotties on here like kenworths m3 custom a lot, might pinch that idea.
  11. sorry guys i realised what a retard i was being very shortly after writing that. and for exactly the reasons you just stated, my wife took geat pleasure in telling me what a spaz i am. cheers, most embarrasing
  12. how come i cant give rep points, i dont even have the same bar on my profile? and whats with the blue squares under it? i havnt had any bad rep and it says warn, whats that about? and iv got much more than 50 posts. no ones rep bar seems to look like mine, why?
  13. dont know if anyones already suggested it, but m63 stoner please some one make it. il find a pic.
  14. thats a real shame to take apart something so beutifully hideous. if you put the piccys around a bit just think cyma might copy it! nice.
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