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  1. any of you guys had issues with Madbull DD ris 2 rails lining up with King Arms uppers?
  2. I'm gonna take a guess you've never shot a real AR, if you have my aplologies. One issue with AR's rep which isn't fair, is that ritual cleaning Is bad. Some buildup on parts is good. I can fish up the PDF on this when I go home. Keeping it on airsoft anyone know if the offset irons will clear a peq15?
  3. Hey guys, I'm considering getting back into the game. What is the best value for a 9 inch rail? I guess I should also say the cheapest free flowing rail. I'd love to find a Troy 9inch. But it's probably hopeless.'
  4. Have your redi mag...just waiting on the M.O. for the firepig

  5. If it comes with all the bits shown I believe we MAY have a deal.

  6. what front sling mount is that, I'm referring to the block 2 carbine on the previous page
  7. Mine didnt have that issue, also most rails arent made for G&P threading so that isnt really relevant
  8. Travis' carbine does indeed have the Laru 11in gooseneck front end. Furthermore the big dragon acm larue rails are excellent. the closest airsoft barrels you will find that are silver/chrome are dytac (see my review of one)that come in 14.5in, 16in, and 12in
  9. I agree with the other person who mentioned nothing outside of 720 yards. Even then that was a class, in the real world the 5.56 isnt good at such long ranges. Take note of how many military units use the 7.62 or larger round for such applications. Just curious but how much do you know about RS ballistics?
  10. Alright, I had forgotten to put pics in, and unfortunately I do not own a normal 14.5in barrel. At any rate I am unsure of the Rs origins afaik it is a replica of a noveske barrel.
  11. So I take it the 47 who buy them will be in a certain list published by forbes I believe?
  12. Well the Masada's look cool, but "As mentioned the designed from the ground up not based directly on the RS acr" drives me away from it. This thing is awesome and all, but I'm still torn over whether or not I want it, USCM your review may sway me.
  13. Somehow I posted an empty topic, well here goes First off a big thanks to www.redwolfairsoft.com for getting this item to me quickly. Packaging As I mentioned this a review of the Dytac 14.5 inch outer barrel in Silver. It is packaged in a simple clear vinyl sleeve stapled together at the top. Included in the package is: -Outer barel -Vltor marked Gas Block -Gas tube Why I Bought This I picked up this barrel because I was looking for a barrel that was 14.5in long that did NOT have the 203 cut, I was also looking for a chrome barrel that already included the gas block
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