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  1. Im wanting a gas shottie. A large one to use as my main gun. I'm looking at either an 870 or m1100. Is one better than the other? How many bbs at one time are shot? About how much power is there? Just wandering as I've never heard much about them. Range is not a problem because it will be mostly for recon and stuff like that. RedDragon
  2. Something I put together awhile back. Nothing fancy, can't really edit it much, dont have photoshop yet. RedDragon
  3. I'm not sure what brand it is, and whether or not it's supposed to be that way. The guy who originally owned it was trying to mod it to hold a battery but was unsuccessfull. So I've taken off the hands of a friend I put it that way because the tabs are broken off and this is the only way it fits semi tight, and besides, since the top piece has been drilled out, it looks better on top than on the bottom. I'm going to whip out the bondo and create new tabs, and will be trying to restore it to *look* like it's original form. If it's unsuccesful, so be it, it was free RedDragon
  4. Yes, the brown does need to be darker and more of it, less green. Maybe the green a little darker too. Going to change it up and try to make it look like WhiteFeathers Edit: Its all a little darker, the stupid flash. I was in a hurry so i didn't get good pics. RedDragon
  5. Here's some pics of my ICS M4 during painting it. The first picture is just the base coat.The other pics are of the gun at the next stage. Tomorrow if I have time I will try to finish it up. It needs a little more brown, and some spots have too much OD. The RIS on the gun was just given to me by a friend. He bought it broken as you can tell. It doesn't quite fit yet so it's just on the gun just to show what it will look like. I'm going to be rebuilding the RIS but I wanted to go ahead and paint some of it. Also, the wires will be moved to the stock. They will be connected to a battery tha
  6. Nice gun Element. I've seen those stocks beofore on real guns. Was it made for a real m4 or an airsoft? I like the SD config. that you have going, it looks great. Except for the plastic body....but thats no biggie. As far as the scope goes, I love those scopes but it seems too far forward. I've heard from many people that the AP cannot be adjusted to be as accurate as the cheaper $30 BSA and Tasco 30mm reddots can. Overall, very nice job. wish I had my gun like that Welcome to the forums. Hope enjoy the site. Just makes sure to use the search button or you could get flamed. Re
  7. Very nice gun. Pictures are big though. Might think about resizing. WhiteFeather beautifull pictures yet again. Can't wait for the M24 review. RedDragon
  8. I like that railing. What aspects do you not like that would make you want to give it up? If you keep it paint it, it looks out of place unpainted. Where did you purchase the railing and how much did you pay? Thanks RedDragon
  9. That guarder looks kinda plasticy, does it not? Or is that just me. KWP - All the armalites are making me crazy. so many new ideas for mine! Thanks alot. Here's to spending more money RedDragon
  10. Alright, thanks. I'm going to see if I can get in a couple coats of pant today, not sure if it will be warm enough..... RedDragon
  11. Yes, painting guns is not hard just was curious if you had any "special" tips or tricks. What base color do you use for a woodland camo job? I have all the paints already because I sanded off the paint from my previous job and primed the gun. I've decided I want something that goes better with my environment, although my paintjob looked pretty good as far as quality went, but didn't really go with any environment but was not meant to. RedDragon
  12. ^^ Yeah, that orange is pretty bad. Nice guns though. WhieFeather - Beautiful pics and guns. Your paintjobs are simply amazing. You use Krylon paints correct? I'd love some tips on painting my gun. RedDragon
  13. WGC? lol, meant MGC, was thinking of the retailer I guess. Sorry bout that. Either way it looks good. RedDragon
  14. Like I said, I'm no photographer . RedDragon
  15. Here's one I put together real quick. I'm no photograpger but I don't think it looks that bad. I'll have more tomorrow. RedDragon
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