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  1. A typical day at Foxtrot 58, for a change without the cam cream...
  2. 33lima

    Int Cell 2

  3. The team at last year's Armed Forces Day: ..and some of us outside the Safe Zone prior to a game:
  4. My cammed-up Mk5 steel "turtle" helmet:
  5. Sounds like your spring release lever really IS jammed in the "release" position. IIRC the lever depresses the anti-reversal latch inside the gearbox, thus letting the spring go forward if compressed. The whirring sound after firing, is the same sound and the same thing you get if your anti-reversal latch is broken or otherwise not working. Try holding the AEG upright in one hand with the magwell facing you, and then reaching up into the front of the magwell with an index finger. Curl the tip of the finger around the front of the release lever and under the top end of it, and try to pull it to
  6. Hi, believe it or not just saw your msg from May last, asking about where we get the Falklands gear. Basically on ebay uk or local Army surplus sellers. The main thing apart from an SLR (or an M16A1) is a full set of '58 Pattern Webbing, and DPM combats (preferably '68 Pattern, rare especially trousers) and/or a DPM windproof smock, or a Para smock.

  7. "No, I'm not actually lost, I'm just temporarily disoriented."
  8. First days out at Foxtrot 58 with some of the new platoon (King's Own Scottish Borderers):
  9. 33lima

    The int cell

    33 Lima's airsoft and other pics
  10. For L1A1s it's got to be '58 Pattern Webbing! Like this: http://www.surplusandoutdoors.com/shop/army-surplus-uk/58-pattern-webbing/complete-genuine-issue-full-set-258940.html ...or my own set here:
  11. No we're not paras! But site operator Sam and several regular players including myself are ex-forces (mostly local Army regts, Regular and UDR or TA, but including RAF Regt, R Sigs etc). We did have an ex-3 Para guy up on Sunday for his first visit having seen our stand and display on Armed Forces Day and he seemed thoroughly to enjoy what he saw. The regulars at Foxtrot 58 are organised into (currently) 3 platoons with an "SNCO" in charge (cadres rather than full platoons). Each platoon is "based" on an inf regt and wears its headgear - 1 Platoon Royal Marines Commando, 2 Platoon Ro
  12. Surely you don't mean that! ...and don't call me Shirley! (yes I'm an "Airplane" fan; or was it "Naked Gun")
  13. Some pics from Sunday at Foxtrot 58: "THEY WENT THAT-A-WAY... "...so I'm going..." "...this-a-way!"
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