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  1. If you mounted it a little bit more forward (with a doctor on top =) ) i think it would look cool. It looks really good like that though I think.
  2. Wow that looks awesome. Thanks a lot man! What brand is it?
  3. Yeah, if it wouldn't be too much trouble I'd appreciate it. Thanks!
  4. It's actually cheaper if you get it from WGC if you consider Airsoft Buddys current prices. It's $423 shipped for me from WGC. Anybody know how much the shipping will be for Airsoft Buddy after it goes back to the original price? EDIT: I just checked by "ordering" the TM Type 89 from Airsoft Buddy, and that'll be $444.80 shipped, and its original price without shipping is $374 so a $14 diff. So 444.8-14 will come out to $430.80 shipped? Does anybody know if the preorder price on WGC will stay the same once it's in stock?
  5. Does anybody have a picture of the SR25k with a sniper scope, like a m3? Wondering how that will look on it.
  6. It's on the correct shoulder, just needs to be inverted.
  7. Poor seller. Example:

    Hey, ok so I'm not going to lie, I feel a little bit ripped off. I normally ask the appropriate questions about what is and isn't included and the fact I bought something that I can't even use or sell (at a loss) is kind of aggravating. No one has the piece I'd need to make it usable and almost every gun I've worked with that part
  8. Nice afallan!!! I seriously didn't know they made a 22 slide!! It's the only reason why I chose the SIG over the Glock. How do you like the slide? How was installation?
  9. Haha, that looks like a great spot you have there Feldjager.
  10. Damn I'm an idiot. That's a good idea to have the wiring go through the rail then attach the Tamiya. I'm not too worried about having a gas tube, but I guess it would be a nice addition. I have the half ring thing already installed behind the big ole ring, so I guess that's outside. The half ring hole is oval on mine, so my gastube wont even fit through it.
  11. I got the 511 from red dragon airsoft outlet. It has full trades, no ghosting, and adjustable windage and elevation as well!
  12. LOL there's a CNC Version? I wasn't aware of that! I personally still would've gotten the rail, it just takes awhile to get all of the stuff on. I got the LaRue rail pretty fast from Gunner as well, in about 5 days after ordering. It'll be MUCH harder to use the rail if your running a PEQ battery on top of the rail. The 551 I highly reccomend as well. Great quality, NO ghosting, construction is beautiful, adjustable windage and height,and FULL TRADEMARKS! Even the warning sticker has it word for word to the warning sticker on the real 551. HiSpeed, how did you install your rail? Also, do
  13. Yeah all ACM. LaRue from ebaybanned....511 from dragon red airsoft outlet <----or something to the name of that. Yeah, the LaRue I just got today, such a *fruitcage* *badgeress* to put on. It's not that the gas tube holes don't line up, but their the wrong *fruitcage* god damn shape. Their like oval, not circular. The bottom rail was out of spec, but the left,right, and top rail were perfect. I had to like hammer my *fruitcage* vertical foregrip in.
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