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  1. ghost_x3

    WE Gas Blow Back M4A1 Carbine

    It's actually cheaper if you get it from WGC if you consider Airsoft Buddys current prices. It's $423 shipped for me from WGC. Anybody know how much the shipping will be for Airsoft Buddy after it goes back to the original price? EDIT: I just checked by "ordering" the TM Type 89 from Airsoft Buddy, and that'll be $444.80 shipped, and its original price without shipping is $374 so a $14 diff. So 444.8-14 will come out to $430.80 shipped? Does anybody know if the preorder price on WGC will stay the same once it's in stock?
  2. Poor seller. Example:

    Hey, ok so I'm not going to lie, I feel a little bit ripped off. I normally ask the appropriate questions about what is and isn't included and the fact I bought something that I can't even use or sell (at a loss) is kind of aggravating. No one has the piece I'd need to make it usable and almost every gun I've worked with that part
  3. ghost_x3

    Glock Picture Thread

    Nice afallan!!! I seriously didn't know they made a 22 slide!! It's the only reason why I chose the SIG over the Glock. How do you like the slide? How was installation?
  4. ghost_x3

    Videos Thread !

    Damn another great video. Loved the part where you followed that one guy in woodland (with the red goggles) and he just ran towards everybody.
  5. ghost_x3

    Videos Thread !

    Downloading now And I just have to say for Devils Light: "We got a High-Low." "..You have a low..." "LOL WHAT?" "You don't got no high." LMAO Loved the part again where you see two of them crossing an open space and the one that crossed first yells out "Up top, up top!" and then you just see the flood of lights shine on the guy with a hail of bbs following.
  6. ghost_x3

    M14 Picture Thread

    What brand is the Mk 14?
  7. ghost_x3

    Videos Thread !

    Hopefully we'll have more videos from you soon? I really like the HD vids, can't stand watching the YouTube videos.
  8. ghost_x3

    Videos Thread !

    Really liked Devils Light SAC.
  9. Thanks for helping me out with my ACU loadout!

  10. ghost_x3

    What's your backup?

    TM P226.
  11. ghost_x3

    Videos Thread !

    Are you serious? That was freakin amazing! Wish it were longer though! Keep up the good work. EDIT: BTW Bamse, I was just wondering where you guys shot the video? I saw cars passing by on the road, and what looked like some people at a cafe (in the last scene). Must've scared some people Also, any date for the next vid?
  12. ghost_x3

    Videos Thread !

    Maybe if you spoke proper English. =D
  13. ghost_x3

    Videos Thread !

    Just wish it was longer than 2min!!
  14. ghost_x3

    Videos Thread !

    Nub. Did you right click and then do "Save link as"?

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