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  1. ^ hey, Lerch, that's great. Did that $50 you ripped me off for, and have ignored multiple PM's regarding, help pay for it? Sure would have liked that Eagle rig, but I guess that's old news now. Take care. Graham.
  2. Here is my loose 'interpretation' I've thrown together. I'm not trying to imitate anything I have seen specifically, so if I'm out of line please let me know and I'll remove the photos. I was shooting for a early-mid 2000's style look. I know some things (Sordins) aren't correct for the date, but I'll work on correcting that. Sorry for the poor images. (Shoulda taken the photos last week when I had a 101 day beard going) DCU's HSGI Warlord Issue Camelbak in DCU Duty belt w/ Eagle 'SAS' dump, Serpa holster (1911) and issue DCU medic pouch Systema w/ 4-postion stock, real steel
  3. What sorts of chest rigs were commonly seen in the '01-'04 years? Were TAG Riflemans used at all?
  4. Probably more suited for the comms thread, But when did the MSA Sordins start making appearances in the SF?
  5. Rad 653 Booey, well done. Too many space-guns in here haha.
  6. A couple group shots of my 'team' (put together for the event, Operation Mason Relic III)this past weekend. Cougar-Two, great guys to play with! Before the game: During the game, just after we fought hard to take a really steep hill (and just moments before the Admins 'airstriked' us off of it haha): After the game:
  7. Sorry of this has been asked elsewhere in the thread and I missed it, but does anyone know where I could find desert pattern Norwegian BDU's? I have to imagine they aren't easy to get a hold of but I'd like to try. thanks, Graham
  8. I'm looking at switching up my kit a bit, as I've been running the same PC for at least 3 years now, I would like to try a chest rig and was wondering what sorts (if any) chest rigs have been used by the SF groups in the past few years. Thanks in advance to anyone who replies.
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