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  1. 3 letter abbreviations are common in airsoft yet restricted in the search "HK 416" gives you the error message. Fix that first.
  2. Hail, Hail the Celts are here!!

    Take Yer Hit.

  3. If anyone finds misfeeding and jamming and a fix (from the box mag) let me know.
  4. Yea, tis a bit of a pain - trying 'ICS m16' just now Any idea when even common words/accronyms/abbreviations would be acceptable?
  5. Cheers lads. I shall take a hairdryer to it and give it another go. ACM threading is the only thing that bothers me about the finish on these guns.
  6. PS Anyone able to get the front end/flash hider off with ease on their CYMA? Not me - not at all!
  7. Mistress Ebony for your pleasure. CYMA 0.31 A CA 6.04 barrel Guarder clear hop sleeve Element air nozzle Element bushings Shim job to come Tighter piston head O-ring and sealed with some grease Approx 290fps and incredible range. Note: the lovely spetz short mags
  8. I'm still surprised no one highlighted the spelling mistake I refuse to do it. Geeks the lot o' ye!
  9. Think I may be selling my Luke ESB blue one. Keeping the Vader red and Skywalker ROTJ green one.
  10. By the Power of Greyskull!!!! The first two, two years ago at 5.40am
  11. I bought the CYMA rail and bought the King Arms Delta Force adaptor (14mm anti/clock wise threads). It was for my Galaxy MP5K (PDW), but had bought the CYMA RIS rail same day and decided to try it. It would NOT screw on (yes, I used the correct thread - anti/clockwise) and when I tried to put it onto the Galaxy, it didn't thread right either. It does sit on this however, if knocked, it would move off centre. Now, I assume its the cheap threading of CYMA rail and Galaxy front end. Anyone else had this issue? But yes, very much worth £50 for all the right reasons.
  12. People, Arnie himself has acknowledged he intends to look at this - isn't that which comes from the 'horses mouth' good enough without starting a 'us & them' debate? Chill out. Far too much uneccessary aggression around here at times. It's a global community.
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