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  1. My RS generic/traditional Gen3 Glocks have all had their finger humps and grip texture done by Boresight Solutions. I've never been fond of the finger humps. Which is why I am so glad they ditched them on the soon to be released ( initially for law-enforcement only) Glock 17M and 19M. The 17M and 19M samples I've shot were a definite ergonomic improvement for me. Till then, for out of the box Glocks, I've been very satisfied with my Glock 17 and 19 Gen3's with RTF2 grip texture.

  2. Any mileage in the Dawson magwell insert?

    I've seen a few people using the Dawson Glock magwell shooting Limited Division at USPSA. Seems like a great magwell for competition use. I couldn't use it in Production Division but I'm shooting a CZ Shadow in Production so that's irrelevant.

  3. Leave it stock. Take an extra half second to slow down right before the mag goes into the gun to ensure it's aligned and insert it correctly. There's enough size difference between Airsoft and RS Glocks that replica magwells usually don't work. Also keep in mind most RS/Airsoft magwells are designed to be installed and then the firearm frame is blended into the magwell. If you're not blending the frame into the magwell you're basically making a slightly bigger funnel that reduces the likelihood you miss the opening but smoothness of insertion won't be that much better.


    Practice reloads during dry fire at home. I regularly will put on my comp belt rig with 5 mags in the pouches and practice speed reloads. Do 20-40 sets of that and you will have 100-200 reload reps. You will see it pay dividends at the range. You need a software fix more so than a hardware fix. My 2 cents.


    Also (and I know you said you don't carry), magwells suck for CCW.

  4. I'm curious what the differences are. All the current released black M&Ps have the improved trigger reset and perform as well as the VTAC from what I've seen (based on my 4 black M&Ps and one FDE VTAC).


    Personally I'm not a fan of the VTAC sights, be it on a real gun or airsoft. I find the sight picture too busy. I prefer black rears.

  5. The tough part is finding a US retailer online listing it as S&W are keeping a close eye out for infringement (though not as keen of an eye as Glock). Your best bet is walk in stores as a few do have them (Echigoya USA have the FDE in stock though they're going out of business). Aside from that, why not order from HK retailers. Yes you'll get the orange tip. Order an aftermarket Nova slide kit and that'll fix that.

  6. Anyone know where to find extra magazines for this thing? No US websites carry them and there out of stock on Redwolf and Ehobby.

    AEX has mags in the store (Torrance). But I don't think they have them on the website. You could possibly call and see if they will ship them to you over the phone.
  7. So last week I decided to seal two of my temperamental mags. My first attempt was to wrap the mag's base plug with PTFE tape over the o-ring. That didn't work very well. I also had some RTV silicone sealant on hand and after degreasing the bottom of the mag opening and the base plug, I added a liberal amount of the sealant to both surfaces. Gassed the mag for a second to apply pressure and let it sit for 24 hours to fully cure. After that I filled the mag to full and could detect no leaks. Fired a couple times, seemed to work fine. Then a few days later a friend came over after buying his first TM M&P and I loaned him a couple of the newly sealed mags. He test fired the first one and it literally looked like it just spooged/vomited RTV silicone sealant all over him. It was half hilarious half mortifying. Apparently the silicone sealant never fully cured and jettisoned the sealant up through the mag, through their the gun. He was able to clean himself and the gun up but the mag was a mess. As a test I took the second mag I had worked on, gassed it up, and then manually pressed the knocker valve at the rear of the mag with the venting hole pointed at a nearby wall. A load of RTV spewed all over said wall. So in summary, RTV may not be a recommended sealer for mags.


    In the end I stripped the mags down, detail cleaned them of any grime, dirt, RTV, and applied PTFE tape UNDER the o-ring (wrapped and sandwiched between base plug and o-ring) and I ended up with a perfect seal. In retrospect, I think had I used the original TM base pads I may not have had any sealing issues to begin with. However, the Vickers/TangoDown base pads I modified to work with the TM mags somehow were pulling the mag plug downward just enough to break the seal. Out of the 10 mags I've added the LAV base pads to, I've only had to reseal 2 of them so far.

  8. For Airsoft, carrying it as a CCW would be fine. For real guns, I'd be uncomfortable carrying any gun in which the trigger guard isn't covered. Which is why holsters like the Raven Concealment Vanguard holster has gained a lot of popularity. The one part of any gun you can not afford to not have protected is the trigger.

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  9. I always thought the HiCapa was, really.

    According to my buddy who's a senior editor at Japan's Arms magazine which has close relations with TM, TM says that the Berreta is their biggest annual seller. I was surprised too. That may be current stats for the last couple years only though.

  10. That's a little surprising it wasn't a drop in fit. All the Nova M&Ps I've encountered were drop in, a little loose in fact. Then again they were for the TM M&Ps which are still running like champs whereas all my HK3P M&Ps are DOA.


    I kinda wish TM would do a 9C and a Shield along with a 9L. T_T

  11. Top one is the G34, not a 17L. 17L is hella long. The real 34 is USPSA/IPSC production legal, whereas the 17L is considered limited division. Semantics. But I do prefer the G34. It's a shame TM doesn't just update the entire Glock platform. since their molds are ready to be redone. But the Glock is surpringly not their #1 seller, the Berreta is (and out sells all the other handguns combined). Looks like no significant Glock revamp for a while. Here's hoping that with the US and UK military adoption of the Glock we might see that change.

  12. Nice. Cerakoted the slide? Which color did you go with? Why only the right side thumb safety?


    My weekly shooting partner writes for Japan's Arms Magazine and we recently did an article comparing the RS G34 vs M&P 9L vs XDM 5". We're trying to convince TM to do the 9L. :D

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  13. The bad trigger pull was an issue on the initially released TM M&Ps and that could be fixed with a little filing. No new parts were needed. All the current M&Ps shipped within the last year, both the black and VTAC versions came with the trigger pulls corrected. I've confirmed this with over 7 M&Ps acquired in different shipments. The trigger feels almost the same as the real steel triggers, except TM's feel lighter and smoother. Trigger pull isn't really something that needs to be "fixed" on this gun. If you're going for a particular trigger pull feel that isn't necessarily realistic, but is specific to how you would like it to feel, that's another matter and will obviously vary according to the individual. I just don't want people thinking that the OEM trigger is bad. It isn't. It's very good in fact.


    Recoil snappiness is obviously a far cry from the RS, and again very personal to which I'd say go with whatever floats your boat.

  14. I am still unconvinced about a lot of the internal upgrades people are doing for these guns. Stock, the gun runs flawlessly. Even upgrading the slide to a metal slide, the gun still runs perfectly on stock internal parts. On one of my guns I had to upgrade the recoil spring to a 150% but that was it.

  15. I've yet to see an aluminum finish that looks close to the steel Melonite finish that S&W applies to their slides. Best case they look cerakoted. Nova's finish is generally ok, not as good as Detonator but still decent. And like you said, for $105, very good for the money.

  16. Externals: 

    Ready Fighter Catalyst Mag Release (not pictured)

    Just a word of caution about Catalyst mag releases, while they do make dropping the mag a little easier that's also a double edge sword. If you have the gun lying on its mag release side and grab it off the deck you may accidentally depress the mag release and drop the mag when picking it up. On a real gun that'll potentially be life threatening only having one round in the gun. In airsoft, obviously not life threatening, but you could damage your gas mag. Not saying it's a bad product, just something to keep in mind. I have a few for my real guns but have reverted back to the OEM mag release because of this (experienced it first hand during a Ken Hackathorn class a few years back). Witnessed another shooter accidentally drop their mag this very way during a USPSA match last year.


    That's an awesome build though. Hat tip to you for making it all work together and great aesthetic taste. I love my airsoft and real M&P9L's. So much so that I just bought a couple more back up M&P9L's (RS) as I have had to retire another M&P9L last month. Interesting tidbit about the RS M&P9L, most people in the firearms world (myself included) assumed that S&W had retired the M&P9L and are sticking with the M&P 9Pro 5". Turns out that isn't the case. It appears that the M&P9L is still commonly available however S&W has now reserved it for LEO's only. So you won't see them readily available on the civvie market, but I see them at almost every LE dept shop I go to. At least here on the West Coast.

    So, TLDR: RS M&P9L is not discontinued, but now a LEO dedicated model.

  17. It's possible. The good thing is that the profile of the TM is the same as the real thing. The issue is that the rails at the bottom of the TM magazine is thicker than those on the real mags. I was able to force the Tango Down ones to fit because those baseplates are plastic and they flexed *just* enough to fit onto the TM mags (though I do have to use a rubber mallet to get them on and off). I think with any of the RS metal base pads, you may need to cut the grooves on them to be slightly wider. I'm not entirely sure what kind of machining setup that'd require.

  18. It's not just a matter of trimming the front of the pads. You have to trim all the way around them including the left and right sides and you probably won't have enough material left over to hold it securely to the magazine. The base pad is (IMO) more important than the magwell.

  19. It says a lot when DEVGRU and CAG, two units that have the option to choose just about any handgun and caliber they want, elect to use the Glock 19 as their preferred sidearm.


    The SIG is a great gun. It's hefty making it slightly easier to control the recoil, has a smooth DA/SA trigger and once cocked the SA is nice, light and short. Those are also things that work against it in some people's eyes. The gun has a higher bore axis which makes the recoil more noticeable than a lower bore axis gun (like the Glock). So the benefits of the added weight in the SIG can be argued as being negated by the greater felt recoil. To most military guys, every ounce counts and having extra weight to carry around in a 9mm side arm is not ideal. Even the SIG mags are lot heavier. So weight-wise the Glock wins. I mentioned the trigger: Having taught shooters, including LEOs, many of whom have chosen the SIG as their preferred handgun, I can't tell you how many times I've had to remind some of them to de-cock their SIGs when reholstering. And that is during training on a square range with zero actual threats present. You can imagine how often they might forget about that in a life threatening engagement. Some people would say what's the big deal about that? Well with the hammer back, the trigger is now set to SA with an extremely short and light trigger press needed to fire the gun. And that's how negligent discharges are more likely to happen. In fact I'd rather see a 1911 cocked with the safety off in the holster than a SIG cocked in the holster because at least the 1911 has a grip safety that still needs to be defeated to fire the gun. Reliability-wise, both the SIG and the Glock Gen3 9mm series have been proven to be reliable systems. The Gen4 Glocks had some initial issues but those have seemed to be addressed. Cost, the Glock and its additional spare mags are a lot cheaper than the SIG. The Glock has a lot more aftermarket support.


    Like I said, both are great weapon systems. I just think the Glock has more going for it as a combative and/or defensive firearm.

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