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  1. Sorry only just saw this question.


    The back of the slide has rubber grip tape. The reason for this is because in the ATP's stock configuration, the rear of the slide is slick. Based on all my weapon manipulation classes, I've always been taught when reholstering (Glock's, M&P's etc) you should have your thumb at the back of the slide pushing it forwards to ensure that the slide remains in battery. Furthermore I've also been taught in CQC classes to be prepared to shoot with your thumb behind the slide pushing the slide forwards so that if you're having to shoot a threat in extremely close quarters and your gun might be pushed slightly out of battery (for example, when you press the gun into someone or during a tussle) you can at least get one shot off before you have to rack the slide, eject the spent shell and burn the threat to the ground. People always think that doing this will rip your thumb off. It won't. I've done it plenty of times during CDC drills with my RS S&W M&P and RS Glock. Now in airsoft, putting your thumb at the back of the slide and firing a shot doesn't really work since you're more likely to vent all the gas because of the way the airsoft hammer / magazine is designed. Still, I find comfort in the ability to index my thumb at the same place behind the slide everytime when I have to reholster, and should my gun be slightly out of battery when I need to fire (something that happens with both real guns and airsoft) I can easily ID the issue and whack the back of the slide to get the gun back in the fight. Hope that makes sense. :)

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