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  1. I bought the HK3P version of the WE M&P. It immediately had issues alternating between going to full auto or not reseting the hammer. The store (Hero Arms) cautioned me beforehand this was common. I had the store do the upgrade which appears to have resolved all the issues. Markings are like ... crazy shallow, but the overall finish is better than the OEM non-marking M&P.
  2. FYI to anyone wondering, while they look young ... and Asian ... several of them in the video are former MIL (mostly US Marines) with actual time on a real two way range. And they're solid shooters, not posers. I've known them all for a few years now and shot along side them several times on private range days. A couple of them work at Surefire now. Good crew. Edit: forgot to mention ... one of the Asian guys who was at Surefire, left the company, re-enlisted and is now in the process of going for MARSOC (about 2/3 of the way thru the process).
  3. Nah. It's just press fitted into the upper receiver. If you twist the front sight a few degrees clockwise and counter clockwise it should slide right out with a little effort. And as Shane pointed out (thanks Shane), Guarder (and I think DYTac too at one point) makes aftermarket CQB length outer barrels. When looking for aftermarket outer barrels, just make sure it is KSC/KWA GBBR compatible (most barrels simply just say "KSC compatible" since that's more common in Asia where the aftermarket manufacturers are based out of). That said, it's probably cheaper to just swap barrel extensions (I
  4. I don't know if any manufacturer currently makes a one piece KWA/KSC 10.5" outer barrel. The LM4 CQBR's outer barrel is also made up of the barrel plus the 1" extension. The gas rod is pinned into the fixed front sight like it should be on a real AR from what I recall.
  5. On the 14.5" LM4 carbine, the extension is about 5" in length. So once you remove the extension, the outer barrel is about 9.5" In length. The seam between outer barrel and the extension is normally concealed by the fixed front sight post. So if you want a 10.5" outer barrel you will need to cut down (or replace) the inner barrel, and swap the 5" carbine extension for a 1" long 14mm counterclockwise extension. To get the barrel extension off, use a heat gun.
  6. Here's my newest addition. On top is my real AR15. On the bottom is my LM4 Training Rifle. And for those of you who like your guns more KISS:
  7. Not specifically airsoft per say, but somewhat related. My friend posted a short highlight reel gathered from his and my helmet cam footage from a recent Falcon CQB training course using UTM rounds. Fun stuff!
  8. They do. However, they also have functional bolt catch release when racking the gun's charging handle.
  9. The CMR is everything I wanted the Geissele rail to be. Holding the two side by side, the Geissele is just too blocky, chunky, tall, and wide in comparison. Purely my own opinion of course. Price is about the same depending on which version of the Geissele. Now that said, for the dollar value, I haven't seen a single RS rail to this day offer what the MI rail offers for as little as it costs.
  10. Stark Arms will accept RS sights. There's a small gap, but it's about the same as the KSCs.
  11. The Noveske series of rails have always used that pin to prevent gas tube installation. It's possible that that was a contractual agreement and each different RS manufacturer had stipulated different conditions for license approval. And the RS NSR rails do not include rail attachments either.
  12. It should be really soon. The packaging artwork is already prepared.
  13. You don't HAVE to have an oven to do cerakote. They offer both oven cure and air cure cerakote paints. Oven cure is definitely stronger than air cure (oven cure is approximately 2x the hardness, scratch resistant or air cure) but I've seen air cure cerakote done to real firearms that have been used hard and they've held up insanely well.
  14. Fantastic video Akira! BoobieM4H posted his own thoughts in a video. You guys seem to see eye to eye in the benefits of these new products. Thanks again for sharing!
  15. They're Lowa Desert Seekers. Long discontinued, and still one of my favorite boots: http://www.militarymorons.com/equipment/footwear.html#lowa
  16. I and others I know well have ordered multiple times on multiple occasions from DragonRedAirsoft and never had any problems over the course of the last couple years. That is of course purely our opinion based off our first hand experience, but my friend ordered off the site a week or two ago and already received his helmet which he said arrived safe and sound and it was a painless transaction. So that seems pretty current. From what I recall of the basic vs. premium version helmets, the difference is mostly to do with the materials used, thickness of materials and overall quality. For exam
  17. The problem is that while some of the Madbull rails have just the back portion of the channel blocked off either via a pin or material, more recent rails now have that entire length of rail unmachined from front to rear. So that means you'll have to cut anywhere from 7" to 14"+ of channel to accommodate a gas tube.
  18. Speaking of which, if anyone is interested in getting threads for their airsoft upper receiver recut for RS rails/barrel nuts, IM me for details. I've done a lot of them over the years (more than 30 uppers by my last count), including two of WTF?Shane's recently. Turnaround time is fast (usually ships back out within 48 hours) and after recutting the threads are still compatible with TM/airsoft spec rails/barrel nuts.
  19. Sorry to resurrect a long since dead conversation. But did you end up having any success with the dual lock? I recently looked into dual lock again and it doesn't appear to work with regular loop velcro. So if your helmet has loop velcro already on it (as do most airframes, ops core helmets, and associated helmet covers) installing dual lock onto the contour camera shouldn't work (unless you discovered differently). I personally use 3M Velcro Hook on the inside face of the contour camera and stick that to the helmet's loop velcro. However like I experienced before, the camera would still rock
  20. Excellent! I wonder how much clearance there is in the top? Like if someone used the skeletonized BFG Redi-Mod, would the top of the mag show?
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