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  1. We did a limited production run of them for PTS marketing purposes. They are genuine VZ Grips. We had just three pairs made, one set on my Nighthawk, and the other two are on KWA 1911 demo guns. I also had a set of alumagrips made in the same fashion as the Nighthawk 1911 Alumagrips ... they're okay, but the VZ Grips are definitely cooler.
  2. Is the hopup still not working for you? I'd have a hard time myself pouring money into a gun if it doesn't shoot right.
  3. Deserves a video tutorial, no?
  4. Very cool build. For a lasting paint finish, you mght want to try Cerakote Satin Aluminum, Savage Stainless, or Satin Mag. There's a few airsofters in the UK doing really good Cerakote work right now. After all that hard work, you may want to hit one of them up for the ultimate finish. So after seeing bradnuts's Nighthawk Talon, it motivated me tonight to finally get off my butt and install the Nova LAV Magwell that I've had in a parts bin for over a year. I ripped out the T.S.C. Main Spring Housing/Magwell that I had since buying the gun (the T.S.C. felt cheap and had a horrible glossy an
  5. Definitely sounds like a lemon. What is the hopup doing?
  6. I don't think it's publicly available. I just know the guys over there.
  7. I'm looking at 3 colors: Tungston, Stone Grey, and Disruptive Grey. The first two are regular cerakote stocking items. The Disruptive Grey as used on the Jack Carbine is a custom color done by Joint Forces.
  8. Nice. That is one of two colors I'm considering for both my airsoft LM4 and RS PredatAR. Did you get it painted locally? How shiny is Tungsten in day light?
  9. I was under that exact same impression. If these can be found in HK, I'd like to know. As I'll be back there in a few weeks and would gladly mail myself a few home for myself and some instructors I know who need them for force on force training.
  10. Looked at kicbbgun ... they don't have much english on their site. How easy was it to order? They also don't seem to list magazines.
  11. Do people still modify the rocket valve by shaving the rear face of the cone to increase the FPS like the early days of trial and error? Or do people only stretch out the spring?
  12. emp3ror86, where did you buy yours from? Curious. I had a chance to check out the VFC/Stark branded G19 and G17 test samples at a local vendor. I was most interested in checking out two things for myself first hand: 1. Real steel magazine base plate compatibility: As others have noted, I'm happy to report that the real steel mag base plates are 100% compatible with the VFC mags ... though the fit is really tight. But it'll probably loosen up over time. 2. Real sight compatibility: The OEM VFC rear sight slips out without much fuss. Though, I will add that it's under
  13. Nope. But the owner of Centurion Arms' credentials speak for themselves being a part of that community so I personally take it at face value. They're not prolific. That's for sure.
  14. There's plenty of pics of the slick Centurion Arms .308 rail. The 5.56 version looks pretty much the same, just in different lengths from what I recall. There aren't any photos of the 5.56 version out there. He was just carrying it in a backpack and showing it to a few clientele and friends at Shot.
  15. I do believe the new Centurion rail is a pinch bolt design but I don't think that that feature is indicative of it being cheaper. Most of the cost of manufacturing is in the rail machining itself. Sadly Centurion Arms rails have always been at the higher end of the rail price spectrum and I think this new one will be no exception. As for hard use, the Geisselle is certainly a hard use rail but it could also be argued (and has been) that in some ways it's over built at the sacrifice of relatively higher weight gain and rail thickness. Its not the heaviest or biggest rail, but some argue it
  16. Can't recall exactly. The owner of Centurian Arms is an active operator and instructor with the Teams. He's away right now. Waiting for him to come back. Pinch bolt? You mean it clamps onto the barrel nut? Not sure I understand what you're asking. What I like about the new Centurion Arms rail is that it is light (felt lighter than the Geisselle), skinny like my MidWest Industries Gen II SS tubes, low profile, has integrated limited rotation QD sling points. What is not seen in most of the pics is that the dedicated accessory mounts keep all accessories super low profile and add th
  17. Fantastic! Are those 10-8 sights RS 10-8 sights? Did they need any modifications to work? I wish a company like Nova would come out with the NHC 1 pc Mainspring Housing/Magwell. I still need to recrown my NHC outer barrel.
  18. Wait till you guys see the new Centurian Arms 5.56 Slick rail and its attachments. One of the nicest new rails I've seen in a while. Got to check it out first hand at Shot Show.
  19. Thanks for the review. The piece under the rear sight ... what is the function of it? Is it a bar spring to hold the rear sight under tension and stay in place? I'm not too surprised the slide is pot metal vs aluminum for the asking price. And as for the cheap sights, most RS shooters are adamant that the RS Glock sights should without a doubt be the first thing that's replaced on real Glocks so this VFC ironically follows that trend. Regarding the slide smoothness (or lack thereof), did you try breaking it in or looking to see where the binding was occurring?
  20. Talking to the KAC reps a couple Shot Shows back, there was a request by MIL to have rails near the rear as some units like to place lasers at the rear of the rail and save real estate up front for other accessories and/or support grip.
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