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  1. That came out great! Well done.
  2. Nope. You've got three major details going on with that RS slide not currently offered on the Airsoft Marui M&P market: 9 Pro styling, porting, Core setup. • the 5" 9 Pro slide differed from the 9L Slide (Detonator makes a 9L) in that while they are the same lengths, the 9Pro has a flat front face whereas the 9L has a partially angled lower front face. • that 9Pro porting is something you would either have to do yourself or have a machinist do for you. • the CORE series is unique in that the slide comes standard with a premilled slot that's ready for a red dot optic. A slide plate is bo
  3. ^^^ This ^^^ That will be the easiest way to debug the situation. Also WGCShop has a lot of Marui M&P spare parts. Once you narrow it down you may get lucky and can find what you need there, or just remedy the problem yourself. Or do what I do and keep the mag around as potential spare parts.
  4. Swapped the Marui VTAC's FDE slide for a spare black slide I had. I really like the two tone look:
  5. When removing safety selectors from a couple of my buddy's Marui M&Ps (one black and one FDE VTAC edition), I suggested we swap the VTAC's FDE slide for a spare black slide I had. We really like the two tone look:
  6. Also, I learned something interesting today. My buddy Shin is a grandmaster USPSA competition shooter, and has for over a decade used airsoft for practice, I mentioned the sluggishness of my M&P's with detonator slides, and he explained to me that the silicone oil I was using on the slide and frame rails works great for the initial hundred rounds or so but quickly loses effectiveness. He recommended white lithium grease on the friction points instead. Surprisingly, that actually increased the performance quite dramatically. Everything felt a lot smoother than when I was just using the
  7. Thanks. I was too lazy to break out the DSLR so all those pics including the first three were shot on my iPhone. Despite the lack of quality compared to the Detonator Slides, I really wish Nova would come out with a 9L.
  8. Detonator/Marui M&P 9L: Detonator/Marui M&P 10-8: Nova/Marui M&P 10-8:
  9. Detonator/Marui M&P 9L: Detonator/Marui M&P 10-8: Nova/Marui M&P 10-8:
  10. Pictures as promised. "Artistic" iPhone Pics first ... Detonator/Marui M&P 9L: Detonator/Marui M&P 10-8: Nova/Marui M&P 10-8: And now some comparison pics. Detonator rear sight is more authentic in shape, finish and markings: In these pics you can see just how off the Nova U notch is compared to the real thing, and how well done it is on the Detonator version. A real shame the Detonator rear sights seem to all have stripped screw holes. Detonator M&P 9L on top and Detonator 10-8 slide on the bottom: Detonator 10-8 slide version s
  11. What do people do to improve the sluggishness of metal slide cycling? Recoil springs improve returning the slide forward, but what about the initial blow back? Saph also sells trigger springs and hammer spring sets. And other companies sell high flow valves for mags. Thoughts?
  12. Detonator vs Nova M&P Slides • Finish The Detonator slides have a near perfect finish for an aluminum slide without a steel melonite treatment. It's a darker black than the Nova which is more a dark grey. The Detonator slide is also more shiny like the real thing whereas the Nova is more a matte finish. You can make the Nova a little more shiny by applying a small amount of silicone oil to the exterior of the Nova slide and just rubbing it in. It actually makes it look surprisingly more authentic. The finish on both brands of slides seem pretty robust and I haven't seen any significan
  13. Thought I would mention I now have a couple Detonator slides as well as a Nova slide. When comparing them to my RS M&P guns, the Detonator slides look the closest in finish. Actually the original Marui slide is even closer in finish, but obviously ... plastic. The Nova finish is way too matte and easily wears, but the caveat is obviously that the Nova includes 10-8 sights and is $100 cheaper. Pics this week hopefully.
  14. One of my real (actually my very first) S&W M&P 9's on the left. Machined by ATEi Guns and stippled by Boresight Solutions years ago. On the right, all three are stock Marui M&P's. Top to bottom: Full stipple with modified RS back strap. Full stipple including the Marui back strap. Stippled everything except the original back strap. Polished undercuts: Polished undercuts are exponentially more comfortable than just radiusing the base of the trigger guard. Being able to get a higher tang grip is great, but the transition needs to smoothed/blended out for comfort:
  15. They're RS. The slides were cerakoted after machining.
  16. It's just incredibly soft rubber. Zero heat resistance. So when you stipple it, it becomes very stringy/fuzzy and doesn't take a texture well. This is regardless of the stipple tool's temperature (I have a power modulator). The Marui's frame plastic itself isn't great for stippling either but I've seen worse. To sculpts nicely but is meh for stippling.
  17. Anyone stippled theirs? The back straps are particularly sucky.
  18. Fortunately my paranoia hasn't reached that far when it comes to going to games. That said, I do have 7 RS M&Ps so I clearly do have a M&P problem.
  19. So I know have three Marui M&Ps. A backup for my backup if you will ????. Waiting on some slide sets so I'm doing frame work on all three till that arrives. Anyway, remember how bad the Marui M&P triggers were out of the box and that Japanese blog showing how to remove 1mm of material from the trigger bar to improve the trigger reset? I just removed safeties from the two new ones and discovered that they all come with the trigger bar fix straight out of the box. Pretty cool! If you're curious disassemble your M&P. The old version had a 5mm gap. The new version has a 6mm gap. Though
  20. Just bought my second (back up) Marui M&P and bought another for a friend. These guns continue to impress me. Out of the box they shoot straight and far. I'm going to get a couple Detonator slides, but I'm kinda nervous to upgrade it. It seems most of the problems arise when people upgrade their guns.
  21. That has been my experience of it too. It's not a feature I like on the Marui. On my real ones there's an internal latch accessible through the chamber that needs to be flipped inwards first before the external lever can be rotated.
  22. Looks good. How does she feel/shoot?
  23. My real Costa M&Ps are quite shiny FYI.
  24. The pros and cons I see of either manufacturer based purely on online pics: • Detonator seems to have a more realistic finish. The anodizing looks more satin and shiny like the RS' QPQ/Melonite finish. Nova's seems more matte. • Detonator includes an internally reinforced slide lock section that won't wear out. • Nova includes front and rear sights. Detonator includes no sights. • Detonator is almost double the cost of the Nova.
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