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  1. Every time I hear people having issues with the Detonator slide set it increases my trepidation over buying one. But it sounds like most of the issues have been due to the use of the UAC parts.
  2. Sorry. It was a typo on my part. I meant inner barrel, not outer barrel. Was trying to figure out if I could leave the stock inner barrel in the long slide M&P or if I had to upgrade to the longer inner barrel for it. Any idea what the appropriate length inner barrel is for the long slide M&P? And did you see a significant velocity increase with a longer barrel? Edit: I will admit I'm very tempted to get both the Costa/ATEi slides in long and short versions to match my RS Costa/ATEi long and short guns … but I'd probably never use them. I am very likely going to get the Detonat
  3. I forgot to ask, did you install a new inner barrel on the 5" Detonator ATEi M&P? I'm trying to figure out if I can upgrade the slide but just leave the original outer barrel, or if I need to get a longer inner barrel.
  4. That came out really good. Well done!
  5. I had a chance to compare the RS M&P sights to the Marui. While dimensionally they're off, the good thing is that the dove tail on the RS sights are larger (dove tail is taller and wider front to back) which means you can file the dove tail down to fit. Here's where it's not so great: the dove tail slot on the Marui slide is actually NOT a dove tail. In fact it's a straight vertical cut through the slide. Since the Marui sight is held in place via the clip, an actual dove tail wasn't necessary. Which means on a plastic slide you can remove excess material from a RS sight and glue it in pla
  6. I just did three modifications to my Marui M&P. First mod: Removed external ambi-safeties. • At first I was just going to pull the two sides of the safety out. But that didn't seem to work. Upon further exam it appears that the center axle was needed. I also wanted to make sure I didn't accidentally engage the safety. So I ended up just cutting the external levers off with a dremel cutting wheel. Works great. Not hideous but not perfectly clean either. I'll post pics soon. Second mod: Shortened trigger pull. • Basically followed the same directions as what was shown on the Japane
  7. I plan on trying the trigger mod over the next few days.
  8. Awesome. Thanks! Does the UAC trigger bar correct the horrible over travel of the trigger reset in the OEM trigger? And does it take the grittiness out of the trigger pull?
  9. Are the Detonator 10-8 sights compatible with the Marui OEM slide? I'm okay with keeping the slide plastic (till it breaks) as it will at least stay black after repeated draws from my kydex holster. I fear the finish on the Detonator and Nova slides will quickly wear away from holster use. I mostly just want to address the sights. The horrible trigger reset and removing the thumb safety are both things I can fix on my end.
  10. Correct. That is my understanding of it.
  11. How do the Nova kits compare to the Detonator kits? Do you know if Detonator will release an all serrated, no 10-8 logo slide for the TM M&P? I think I found the 10-8 sights for the TM M&P at OCT, but I can't tell if they will ship to the US.
  12. For anyone that has the same complaint as I do about the insanely long trigger reset, a friend of mine found a solution on a japanese blog. I have not tried it yet, but I definitely plan on it: http://bodie.militaryblog.jp/c36748.html https://translate.google.com/translate?sl=auto&tl=en&js=y&prev=_t&hl=en&ie=UTF-8&u=http%3A%2F%2Fbodie.militaryblog.jp%2Fc36748.html&edit-text=
  13. Having shot the real SAI flat trigger a lot, of all the Glock triggers I've tried, it is by far my favorite and one that I wish I can install (just the trigger shoe) on all my RS Glocks.
  14. I just want an M&P with slide serrations that accurately represents my real steel M&P that I've been beating on for years. I don't want it to have Costa logos, 10–8 logos, or any other logos apart from Smith and Wesson logos. And no porting either.
  15. If they did one without the 10-8 logo on the slide I'd be a happy camper. Got a link to that slide?
  16. That's definitely a possibility. Get the G17 barrel first and test it for proper fit and function. If it's good, send it to get threaded. If you have no intention of actually putting a replica suppressor on it, which I'd dissuade you from anyway, you can have the G17 cut shorter a little so it has more of a snubbed look. I knew of one place in Culver City that did it but I don't think they're operational anymore. My only issue with a RMR is that you can't have it seated closer to the bore as you're using a dove tail mount and that means it sits really high. I also have mixed feelings about
  17. I don't know of any KSC compatible threaded G19 barrels. You can get the barrel threaded. That'd be my recommendation. But it won't be all that cheap.
  18. Marui were last to the market but as someone who own WE, VFC and TM M&Ps, I'd say they are the most overall successful.
  19. Lee that looks great! And are those the DYTac 10-8 baseplates? Prime, GunsModify and Ace1Arms all had to use the G18C as a base gun for the RMR compatible slides as they require a blowback housing that isn't as tall in the slide. The G17 can't accommodate a RMR.
  20. On all the Gen 3 Stark Arms magazines I have, they only have the mag catch cut out on the right side making it only work for a left side mag release. These new Gen 4 Glock mags appear to have both left and right side cut outs so I'm guessing they're a new mag and *hopefully* truly ambi.
  21. I wonder if the mag release is reversible? My friend has limited use of his right arm and has a RS Gen 4 with the mag release switched to the right. If I can give him the same thing but for airsoft, he'd be well pleased.
  22. The TM M&P9 fits perfectly in all my RS M&P kydex holsters. Safariland tends to be a looser fit so u should be good to go.
  23. I have noticed that after about 15 to 20 reps of dry firing, the magazine's follower started to get chewed up a little. So I'm now using the included spacer that allows you to dry fire without holding down the slide release. Considering how snappy this gun is, I am really curious to see how the slide holds up over time.
  24. The gun fits just fine in my kydex holsters including my Raven Concealment holsters. As a matter of fact the retention and draw felt identical to my RS M&Ps. The thumb safety changes my normal M&P grip feel and is annoying enough that it's got to go. When uncocked, the slide feels unusually heavy to rack compared to racking the gun when pre-cocked. Kinda weird. The trigger reset is loooooong. Even compared to my RS stock M&Ps. All that said, this gun is incredibly snappy and quick to return to battery. Slide finish, for plastic, is incredibly well done. Aside from wanting a
  25. I'm wondering how hard it would be to make a 3D print of the plugs in black plastic. My 6 mags and OEM slide arrived but the frame is still a few days away. I'll know better then.
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