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  1. The X300U is actually mounted to the URX II fold down front sight. In the rare scenario in which the optic dies, I can either aim through the optic (which I've done in the past as a training exercise for just that kind of situation), or remove the X300U, flip up the front sight, and place the X300U on the 3, 6, or 9 o'clock rails. The great thing about the Aimpoint micros is that you will rarely if ever replace the batteries. I leave all my micros on setting number 7 at all times and have only replaced one battery amongst all my micros to this day. Conversely, EoTech's, while effective in thei
  2. That's how I run it on my real gun: http://i52.photobucket.com/albums/g12/The_Reptile_House/Blog%20Pics/image_zpseb90b8dc.jpg~original
  3. In my experience, the same manufacturer can have variances in polymer, dyes, how long parts are allowed to cool, etc. Those and other factors can result in different stippling results. If you have a wood burning or soldering iron tool with a variable temperature adjustment, you can usually tailor the temp to the polymer. It takes some experimenting though. I've found even working on real Glocks and M&Ps the polymers don't always melt the same, and this is within the same generation of gun. ETA: I don't think you did a bad job myself. Stippling styles change over time. Ultimately it com
  4. OTG has Airsoft Glocks on hand to make sure that you have a perfect fit. Simply tell them the spec of your gun : TM spec or KSC spec. It'll be have better retention with a smoother draw if you tell them the spec of your Airsoft pistol vs telling them you have a RS Glock 21. No other legit kydex holster maker offers this as far as I know.
  5. Since the Tokyo Marui Glock magazines allegedly work with the stark arms magazines why not buy a bunch of the TM magazines with the shooter design extended base plates? Or by the TM G 17 competition mags which already include the extended base pads?
  6. RS Base pads are going to be tight enough they'll be a PITA to open up to add gas. They're great for show, but not entirely functional. Just my 2 cents.
  7. I have a couple brand new spares but it wasn't cheap. They're not entirely common. If you're genuinely interested in it I can sell it to you and mail it.
  8. Cali has it's pluses and minuses. The fact that much of the country is hunkered down for a miserable winter while I'm walking around in t-shirt and shorts is one of them. LOL The law regarding the threaded barrels is that it implies intent to suppress. It's pretty stupid. And it's totally OT. But I like the look of it on my airsoft M&P and that's all that matters. The threaded barrel is just one of WE's thread extensions with a knurled thread protector. It came bundled together in a package listed as ADM (as in "American Defense Manufacturing"). LOL. And it is quite clearly NOT an ADM
  9. I have a stormlake threaded barrel but I don't have it installed in the gun due to CA laws. The WE M&P I find to be a gamble. It could be awesome, it could also be a complete POS. The real M&P is a great gun. Not quite as accurate as a Glock past 25 yards but still a good gun. Trigger is meh though. Get that upgraded with new sights as soon as you get it.
  10. 10-8 don't make any +2 mag bases as far as I know. They do make an extended mag base for easier stripping and to work with their new mag wells.
  11. How are you liking the GunsModify SAI slide? Is the RMR real or replica? I was just sent some product samples to test. A pleasant surprise since I didn't know they were in the works ... I do love these base pads and use them on my real M&P. These will apparently be available for G series guns (a KSC version and a TM version) as well as WE M&Ps. They're CNC'ed from aluminum and are hard anodized. The dots are used to number and keep track of your mags and can be painted with whatever paint or nail polish of your choice. Very nice quality.
  12. I was just sent some samples to test. A pleasant surprise ... I do love these base pads and use them on my real M&P.
  13. I was just sent some samples to test. A pleasant surprise ... I do love these base pads and use them on my real M&P.
  14. Aside from the common (and quite valid) safety concerns, a major issue many people have with serpas is if you get debris/rocks inside the locking latch, you may be faced with having to dismantle the entire serpa to remove the gun. I've seen it happen on a real range but I've also seen it happen at an airsoft game. In both cases the shooter was lying on his handgun side in the dirt. I'm actually surprised it doesn't come up more often with airsofters since they're just as likely to end up crawling through dirt and bad terrain. I do understand the appeal of the low cost and ease of use of th
  15. Not a fan of serpas, but that's a nice pic all the same.
  16. Danke, you can make your own. Find a flat head screw which can be used in your soldering iron/wood burner. Take a dremel or file and file it down so that the head is flat and there's no line for the flat head screw driver to engage. Then take a small file or a checkering file and make a checkering pattern on the head. Voila you're done. That's how I do all mine.
  17. I like the side cuts. Well done!
  18. Nice. I have a couple samples they sent me. I just haven't had a chance to install them yet. But the quality looked decent. I didn't check the package, does the slide set come with the tall sights? And is that RMR RS or replica (if the latter, which version)?
  19. What are the best aftermarket slides and frames for the KSC Glocks? Seems there aren't a lot of options. While the PGC slides look nice ... Their QC and fitting (rarely drop in) leave a lot to be desired.
  20. Yup. After dremeling I used to sand using 100,120,200,400,500,1000,1500 and finally ending on 2000 grit sandpaper. Nowadays I sand with 100,120,200,400,500 and then polish using the dremel with the polishing pad attachment (no polishing compound, just dry the dry pad) at a low RPM. You have to be careful because if you press too hard with the dremel and polishing pad you can still melt the plastic. But going slow with it, it saves a lot of time and you get a buttery smooth finish. The trick with the sandpaper (as is the case with any sanding job) sand the surface to the best of that grits capa
  21. When stippling any Glock, plan ahead as much as possible. Gather as many reference pictures by people who have done Glocks before professionally. Try and disect why they did what they did. I see a lot of people randomly apply stippling in areas that typically would not need it. Or apply a texture that is way too aggressive. Also remember that how a person holds a gun is a personal thing. Not everyone grips the same and may not have the same needs (open carry versus concealed carry). So not everyone requires the same stippling job. If you carry concealed, you may not want the side that contacts
  22. The window closed to edit my last post, but here are some work in progress shots of the work done above to give a general idea of the steps involved. After some heavy duty re-sculpting and polishing of the frame. Still has the generic KSC Glock front sight and slide catch: Prep work for stippling. Tape to protect and define borders: Stippling is completed, only minor clean up remains: Total time for all work involved to get the final results seen in previous post: ~10 hours.
  23. Here's pictures of the KSC G19 I recently finished. I tried to replicate the style on my RS BoreSightSolutions Glocks as closely as possible. I didn't do the edge lining since I have difficulty getting the depth and sharpness of the BoreSight ones. • KSC G19 • PGC G19 Slide kit • 10-8 Performance Tritium Front Sight • 10-8 Performance Rear Sight • Vickers Tactical Slide Catch • Frame sculpting and stippling by me: - 360° Grip reduction and Texturing - Finger grooves removal - Undercut/radiusing at the trigger guard frame juncture - Undercut/radiusing beneath the tang - Side fram
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