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  1. LMK if you ever want to part with it.
  2. I recently (as in last week) discovered this myself. After stippling dozens (over 30 now) of replica and real Glocks, when I worked on a KSC G19 last week I discovered that the OEM (presumably Yih Kai) used a unique mix of polymer and metal shavings in the frame. I've seen this done before in casting plastics but never on replica Glocks. It basically gives the polymer a little more strength, but more importantly, makes it heavier for a more realistic weight and feel. In stock condition, it doesn't.t appear any different than regular black plastic but once you start sculpting and stippling it y
  3. The top picture looked like a black slide with white engravings. It wasn't until I saw the bottom pic that I realized it was a sliver slide. Holsters … there are lots of choices. Heck, you could even make yourself one with a kydex kit.
  4. To get exactly that style of frame work done, the first thing you do is recontour the frame. Remove the front finger grooves, round the front of the trigger guard, remove the side grip panels, and remove the grip texture at the rear of the grip. Sand it all to get a consistent and even surface. Once you remove all the excess material, sand and polish the areas that are near the intended stippling zones. Hold the frame in yours hands in a natural grip. How does it feel? Is it comfortable? Are there any areas that need modification? You need to figure that out now before you start stippling. Als
  5. Skyrider: one last tip, some plastics don't take well to being restippled. So just be cautious when you do it. Though, if you're going to recontour the frame you should be fine since you'll be stippling raw plastic that's never been melted/burned before. Nonex: if you have any old stocks, hand guards grips or rail panels, those work well enough as practice pieces. The material most likely won't be quite the same as the Glock frames, but its good practice all the same. My only concern with you is your so OCD, no matter how good it comes out it may never be good enough for your taste.
  6. Here's one I did for a friend a while back. I'm not sure if I ever posted it here. The stippling goes a little higher on the beaver tail than I normally do it. I usually try to not stipple the beaver tail area that comes in contact with the web of your hand as it can be abrasive and isn't needed. It was requested in that way so I ended up sanding it down a fair bit so that particular area between the thumb and index knuckles is mostly or aesthetics.
  7. The stippling itself is generally quick work for me as I have a specialized tip I made that does many dots with each dab. It really comes down to how much reshaping of the frame before the stippling you want to do. I tend to reshape mine quite a bit, similar to how BoresightSolutions does his Glocks and M&Ps. Which generally means removal of the finger grooves, removal of the grip side panels, recontoring the back strap, recontouring the trigger guard to frame transition, radiusing the rear top of the frame for a higher tang grip, scalloping the mag release area for a deeper mag release pr
  8. I've recontoured and stippled 15-17 Glocks and M&Ps (both Airsoft and RS). Glocks are always much more work.
  9. RATech have aftermarket outer barrels: http://en.ratech.com.tw/english/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=887:rag-we-118&catid=27&Itemid=119 That's the only option I've seen so far. If you bought it from Evike, perhaps you can convince them to send you a replacement (by gutting one of their inventory guns). Edit: Found the sale link on RATech's AST Store: http://www.airsofttaiwan.com/shop/goods.php?id=842
  10. MRF, I think you need a 12" MI SS Gen 2 rail
  11. I saw that too. If it starts manifesting in my gun, I'll definitely do it. I'll probably have to do it for my friend's M&P regardless. I don't know how easy it'll be to put an in-slide RDS on the M&P replicas. But I have been impressed with how the VFC M&Pc performed. And I've not heard of any having issues. The WE variants all seem to have issues sooner or later from what I've seen. Thanks! I hadn't intended on buying as many RS ARs and handguns as I own. I really only wanted to get a couple of each (one as a back up for the other). lol
  12. Not sure. I got mine in person when last in Hong Kong at Hero Arms. A few stores in HK have them in stock, but not all are listing them online.
  13. I did some appendix concealed carry with my M&P 9 full size. It wasn't horrible. Even with a polo shirt it didn't print much. Caution with the HK3P M&P. It may need some tweaking to get it to work consistently. All the ones we tested at the store had issues.
  14. Actually, I have 5 M&P's (*gulp*). I bought the full size one several years ago when I first got super into firearms training. Boresight solutions did the frame work, and then ATEi did the slide and trigger work (this was all years before they became well known and was recommended to me by instructor and friend, Steve Fisher). I wanted to get a 9mm 5" Pro, but they were difficult to find and I eventually sourced a 5" 9L (essentially the same as the Pro but with different sights, and a different front slide profile). ATEi did the slide and trigger work on that one and Cold Bore Solutions di
  15. Ivan. I'd love an ATEi slide to match my many RS ATEi M&Ps. I'm so used to the slide cuts it feels weird to not had them on the replica. I'm half tempted to send it to ATEi since he does all the work on my handguns anyway ... but it wouldn't be cheap. I am also not sure what slide lightening would do to the replica's function. Vltorfan78: thanks! Hitman: I know how you feel. I held out for as long as I could. I had high hopes the HK3P version would be better than the WE version beyond just the trademarks. Alas, it isn't reliable and still needs work. My buddy who got the same gun a
  16. Posted this in the WE M&P review thread. Since this is a pic thread: I took a little time to recontour and stipple my HK3P S&W trademarked M&P more like my real M&Ps. I decided to go with a blend between how Boresight Solutions and ATEiGuns do their frames. The one thing I've had trouble doing to my liking was cutting lines into the borders like how Boresight Solutions does his, so I omitted it (for now). The material WE used for the back straps are really gummy rubber and don't take stippling nearly as well as real back straps do. Stipple texture close up: Pi
  17. I took a little time to recontour and stipple my HK3P M&P more like my real M&Ps. I decided to go with a combination between how Boresight Solutions and ATEiGuns do their frames. The one thing I've had trouble doing to my liking was cutting lines into the borders like how Boresight Solutions does his, so I omitted it (for now). The material WE used for the back straps are really gummy rubber and don't take stippling nearly as well as real back straps do. Texture close up: Pic of the trigger undercut. Also, all seam lines have been removed (WE seams were pretty bad): Te
  18. "Technical" as in non-function related. "Technical" as in a "technicality". They were grey imported without the necessary paperwork.
  19. Quick question. FCC. Where are they based out of and are they the go to source for PTW components? I'm finally, after holding out for many years, considering the PTW after trying a student's gun.
  20. I don't think anyone has pointed this out yet. The WE base plates on the full size mags are undersized/too short front to back. WE basically took the measurement for the M&P compact base plate which is smaller and applied it to the full size base plate. Which also means the grip shape has been adjusted accordingly too. Here's the WE base plate next to my RS mag well:
  21. When I get back to the US I'll see if I can shim a RS front sight to fit and glue it in place. I'll do the same on the VFC. The WE definitely won't accept RS rear sights since it uses a TM style rear sight which has an elongated base which extends down into the upper slide. The VFC compact may be similar to their Stark Glocks which don't have that issue and can accommodate RS rear sights with a shim. I doubt even TM even knows when their M&P is coming out. The only GBB contenders for Full Size M&P at this time are the WE/HK3P and the VFC which *should* be out before year's end.
  22. It's actually made by WE ... but the BS branding on the package says American Defense Manufacturing (ADM). Basically it's a WE barrel insert which comes with a thread protector. They've done the threaded inserts before as a prepainted orange plastic thing for US sales. And I've seen the threaded part in black too. But never with a thread protector which was why I bought it.
  23. Well, the iphone quality pics doesn't help. But yeah. That's the current standard for the HK3P trades on the WE M&P. In person, it's not as bad, but they are definitely thin and shallow.
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