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  1. FireKnife
    Wow, so after another year has flown by what has changed?
    Well my list now goes:
    On woman number 15, damn i need to stop losing touch with them.
    On pistol 53, good times and many things to compare to, but still more to go.
    In a damn good job, enough said.
    Well what else do i put here? Aside from living in airsoft hell which we all know about not much else. At least i actually have a chance to go shoot a few pistols off etc.
    Anyway, see you in another year, good bye.
  2. FireKnife
    Well what has happened i 3 years.
    Sod it list it all and get the easy way out:
    Have met and broken up with 6 girls.
    Have now owned 45 pistols at some point and have had about 20 AEGs to date.
    About to finish college in Technical Support.
    That and the fact i am top bloody poster on this forum is really worrying me, but also i feel good.
    At to that i know pistol shoot in all enviroments and have lost weight because of it i am well.
    As for the spam and porn emails i still get those, word of advice don't use Hotmail.
    Anyway that is it and i am now away, speak to you all again in three years.
  3. FireKnife
    Has been a long, long time since my last rant so here goes,
    Since i am just about to become registered and my P90 is kicking out some good shots everything it fine.
    So not much going on so bye then, i give up with finding something to rant about today.
  4. FireKnife
    One question that baffles me:
    Who photos food for takeaways and pubs???
    Do these people not have a life outside their camera studio???
    Anyway other than that i now have my P90 uprated and a new Glock 18c to play with and with my third stamp in reach i can call myself an airsoft (amongst other things).
    Anyway just filling time, tatty bye to all.
  5. FireKnife
    After sifting through reams of e-mails, spam and pages about 'increase your manhood' or 'watch people at it in public' i have managed to find time to add to this:
    It seems not much has changed, I seem to be constantly quoting comedians 'famous lines' and work is once again as interesting as watching an soap opera (in case your wondering I detest soap operas).
    The airsoft side of life is good, with only one AEG (TM P90) and one GBB (TM 1911) I have got all I need to play a skirmish (maybe a few more mags wouldn't hurt, anyway it is Christmas soon).
    Finally in the words of the great comedian Bill Bailey 'I, being British, love disappointment, that's why I buy Kinder Suprise'.
  6. FireKnife
    Huzzah it works, through the magic of technology i can speak to you all, and tell you of my efforts.
    Firstly the bragging rights:
    First skirmish and first game at Ultimate in Thornbury, i am not only last man alive but i also defied all human common sense by firing at a group trying to 'bang' kill me, it got me the last kill of my team and even a cheer of bravery from a nearby group of on-lookers (the guys trying to flank me).
    Second, well thats about it, with 10 kills to 4 deaths and all with a stock P90RD on 0.25g's i think that was one succesful day, think next time i shall live up to my specialist roots and go as a medic and save, instead of hit people.
    Bye for now, fellow airsofters.
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