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  1. Spend £25 on shopping and they are more than happy to I had a similar incident with a PC game i sold on eBay. The lazy #insert offence word# at the Post Office hadn't bothered to put the correct label on the item and so when it arrived the buyer had to pay about £1 postage to get the item from the PO(or POS as i call them). Now they had a rant at me about this claiming i hadn't paid for the correct postage so i sent them a scan of my reciept with the correct amount. Now instead of asking me to send the receipt for them to make a claim or for me to make a claim and send them the £1 ext
  2. I made a batch of them for a time like this. Plus got to give a point for IRA funding, especially as i have family for both sides of that case (ROI and British). No wonder you have issues if you can't even spell the name of your country correctly. As the great Stephen Fry said: 'War is God's way of teaching America geography'. All i say is too bad they hadn't told them that God doesn't exist. 'FireKnife'
  3. Even more fixed. #Now stepping into flame retardent Fury style suit# Bring it on 'FireKnife'
  4. He read about them in a book called 'World of Warfare, Teaching Americans about the World and Other Countries' after he saw other languages on his box of McDonalds fries and wanted to check it wasn't alien. America, who subsidizes rodeos and animal hunting throughout their country. Trust me USA you are just as bad if not worse. 'FireKnife'
  5. I just think that the EU can't work while you have all the countries at a different economic state, if they were then it would work better. For all the problems the UK has, at least we do better than the EU system. 'FireKnife'
  6. Quick the matches. But then again you aren't too far off, i mean the US tries to control NATO, just about every military action involving the West ('cough' ISAF 'cough') and has given South Korea a flag that looks like the Pepsi logo. Than again i am speaking for a country that at one pointed owned about a quarter of the world but couldn't keep its home affairs in order. 'FireKnife'
  7. To Marlowe: either keep it here but lock out the FB spam posts or get rid of it.

    1. Marlowe


      It's automatic sadly. Arnie has raised a ticket regarding it.

  8. I just wish the EU would get off our backs about the whole 'join us, use our currency' thing. I mean i can't speak for any other continent but do you have the 'American Union' or the 'Pacific Union' were all the countries have to use the same currency and abide by the same set of set down regulations that really in some cases aren't neccessary. 'FireKnife'
  9. I think this is an example of the UK having one rule and the EU another. The legal limit on our roads maybe 60mps for a HGV but the EU directive states that a limit of 56mph should be imposed for any lorry that travles within the EU. Remember we do have a lot of foreign lorries on our roads, same as a lot of UK companies export via lorry to other heavy EU supporting countries. Same as if you took a car to France you would abide by their limits and they would abide by yours. So in the case of a lorry having the restriction on at all times saves them having to drive around the UK at 60mp
  10. Health and Safety or whatever the UK highway and roadway equivalent is. Having been in a lorry doing 50mph+ on a motorway you see why as you think how quickly you can stop a few hundred tons? Much easier at a lower set speed 'FireKnife'
  11. Often i find the same up in Aberdeen however it is often the local trucks that are moving between the towns and the main city, the kind that only employ you if you have such a thick Scots accent that only they can understand each other. Too many times i have seen lorries pulling out just before cars can make a pass. Add to that the ones that overtake another lorry at 56 (the speed limiter on them set for 56) while the other is doing 53-55, so it takes for ever, slows down the traffic and eventually the overtaking one gives up, slams on the breaks and tries to pull back in behind the other
  12. Like breasts, feet have a habit of being different sizes, in my family it is that one is always an inch shorter of the other. Sometimes that is always the reason. I have found though that it is always the arrogant or rude ex's that girls go back to. I have never in my life seen or known of a girl go back to a guy who was considered nicer than the person she was at the time. It doesn't make sense, but i have seen guys do it too. I just learned damn quick to let things go, suppose one of the few advantages of having single or remarried parents all your life, you learn how fast thing
  13. Yeah, should always put a smilie after these things. Trust me the irony will be that you will be at a time of inconvenience, such as just moving house / flat and a great girl will come along. It is always the way in the world of sod's law . 'FireKnife'
  14. Ah i see. Well thankfully the girl i am with isn't going anywhere for 3-4 years due to Uni commitments and i can pretty much find work anywhere. But it is early days and i can't see into the future so will have to wait and see. And if your bored you might have a better pic of 'women of the streets' in Manchester than i do in Aberdeen. 'FireKnife'
  15. I only laid down the suggestion, up to the other members to do the rest. But yes, bring her along to an airsoft game and show her that our guns go further than 20 metres, we have proper full auto, we have guns that look like guns, our grenades actually throw out stuff and we can fir our guns upside down and on the side. 'FireKnife'
  16. She isn't into anything like that, thankfully. I mean she wont even consider a two-girl threesome 'FireKnife'
  17. And what you enjoy in the bedroom is your own choice, even if a little questionable :S But i wouldn't mind one who cleans pump action shotguns for a living. Play a little game with her called 'who has the most range?' Stick her out at 30 metres with a paintball gun and you stand and shoot at her with an AEG or GBBR while she shoots at you. She will soon come round when she takes a face full of white and you stand there, miraculously clean. 'FireKnife'
  18. One of mine felt like i was chained to her, everytime i did something she phoned up for a running commentary. If only i had started one off with 'She's taking off her clothes and gesturing at me then the bed........' Ah well can't complain, at least i know when to cut loses and move on, plus the present GF has a certain understanding with me and airsoft, basically it goes along the lines of she says nothing good or bad about it until she has been to a game herself. 'FireKnife'
  19. That is always an option, but have to make the effort to do other things than make them hit the high note. 6 Months is a good innings for me, mine seem to have a great time then find one tiny flaw and leave. And no, my manhood is not the 'tiny flaw'. 'FireKnife'
  20. As much as me and the GF like reading, we need something more active that we can do together. Thankfully we are both off tomorrow and plan a bit of swimming, before the schools are out and the families raid the pool that is. 'FireKnife'
  21. Or jump off bridges by the number of Samaritans signs you see up around the city. Damn you and your having airsoft sites near you and a better diversity of people. Nearly all the people in Aberdeen look the same, only male and female distinguishes them (and not always the case). 'FireKnife'
  22. That ain't the worst bit, nearest airsoft site is 70 miles away Plus i am only here as i am staying with parent til finished (nothing to do with the free course at all.......) And i don't really live in Aberdeen, i live about 23 miles north in the *albartroth* end of nowhere. 'FireKnife'
  23. Can't, i still have 5 months of college and the GF has 3 years of Uni still to go. 'FireKnife'
  24. Yeah should have put that i am in Aberdeen. A city where they claim to have a rich diversity of many things on offer, but really we have nightclubs full of chavs that play terrible music, cinemas with no variety, amusement arcades and pools full of kids so you can't get in and the same basic Pizza Hut and Burger King in every area. Plus as far as museums go it is just the same exhibit on all the time and it is often such a small one that it hardly takes an hour to see, let alone half a day out. Then again the missus comes from Newcastle and i am originally from the Bristol area, bo
  25. My rant, Why there is so little to do in the modern city except shop, eat and go to the cinema. I am trying to sort out a nice day out for me and the missus and all that keeps happening is that we end up going to the same places as there is bugger all to do. Unless of course you have £100 to go to an extortionatley priced theater or restaurant. Why can't there be more things to do so that after 3 days out in a city you have stuff still to do and not the same again and again. I have been to all the decent food outlets twice now, the cinema is full of ###### American comedies that just a
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