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  1. Wait there is also a Scottish General Teaching Council? I support the Northern Ireland one and while the people seem nice enough it sounds like they have one of the worst red tape jobs ever, charge people to be on a system that makes no sense what so ever and is just a waste of time. If the Scottish equivalent is anything like it then I feel for you. And as this is the happy thread, knowing that I have had a party arranged for me in a few weeks time plus airsoft, naughty fun and seeing friends planned for each of the next for weekends? Damn straight I am happy. 'FireKnife'
  2. I have seen all of the things you have described but often they are old, derelict and bricked up buildings that those over the age of 40 point at and tell me what they are. I just assume that they are right, in the same way I have seen one of the few, near TARDIS old style police boxes still around as a show piece. I for one used to like going down the paths in Aberdeenshire that used to be train tracks, had lots of little old huts that were falling apart, one was filled with porn mags as one would expect of the days before reliable internet. 'FireKnife'
  3. Must admit, she did look happy all the day long and put as much effort in as everyone else to make that a fun day. Some of the 'brought my GF' stories sound more like it was in exchange for having to meet the in-laws etc. She is most definitely one to keep. As for me, easy day at work, not too sore after yesterday and got another airsoft day lined up soon which is good as usually they conflict with my 'club' days. 'FireKnife'
  4. I don't do clubbing, if I want some 'action' I just go to a certain club for certain people that isn't loud, is a load of fun and doesn't require the downing of alcohol. But then I never really was a huge drinker, even if I can handle it, never really saw the point. 'FireKnife'
  5. Just back from said day at site. The people were nice and fun, my rifle fired true, I met some good folk and chatted *suitcase*-e and I had one of those perfect moments, holed up in half a tree, holding off a small portion of the enemy forces for a few minutes. So all in all a great first game at a new site for me, one that I will look to go back to. Plus the people giving me a lift there were a great laugh. 'FireKnife'
  6. Getting a lift to an airsoft site to go and get shot at as usual. Nice to finally get along to a game in good weather and test out my new rifle, see just how pinpoint it is . 'FireKnife'
  7. Stupid Q Time: Best spring to give a TM G-Spec around 315-325fps, still just around sub 1J but pushing closer to the AEG limit? :D

    1. renegadecow


      M100? I got a MAG M130 before and it gave me a little over 400. 460 with a spacer.

    2. FireKnife


      Hmm, M100 might be the way, looks like it any way.

  8. Well my happy moments involves a sold gun, a foursome and some ammo coming my way. Plus got my ride to the next game. Plus got an option on selling the other 'toys' I have on a site and getting a good percentage off sale for them. So yeah, life is great. 'FireKnife'
  9. What makes me laugh is the fact I can phone any of my clients on a generic office number, ask to speak to someone, say 'what is your computer name' and connect in without more than a 'my name is Ryan and I work for........' I know it is the main part of my job but seriously people have a bit more sense to ask and check who I am first! . 'FireKnife'
  10. Problem is that it is far, far too easy to set up and get away with. Hell I could set about three up right now and set them on spamming people for money. Though I feel that, no offence Hedge, but coming from an IT background people really do behave quite stupidly when it comes to computers and especially the internet. Most companies will not phone you about an issue and if they do they will have to prove who they are first. Same goes for the people that do things like torrent and end up with viruses and they just click on the first thing they see and assume it is fine and dandy. Th
  11. RC are you seriously building a Pipe Pistol from Fallout 4? 'FireKnife'
  12. Aye, hope you are indeed coping. Even with all those life lessons and stuff you have done life still has ways off kicking you in the teeth . 'FireKnife'
  13. Hmm, having seen a real picture of her I am not so convinced . Plus my plans for this weekend kinda blow that out of the water, at least these people are accessible . Also I have noticed my instinctive shot groupings are getting tighter on my pistols, yes to me that is a 'score' moment! 'FireKnife'
  14. Well done, though are they all just AEGs........... I has money......... and unlike most of FB a valid defence proof . As for me, my G-Spec is firing straight and true so boo-yah and that is about it, oh that and cheap all day £4 bus to go to airsoft shop and buy more of the things. 'FireKnife'
  15. You know, that story a worrying number of people believe were we all came from two humans and incest was rife. That guy now has a dog apparently. And I agree on the 'if you let them happen'. Take me, in a 'club' where 'things' are meant to happen that most people aren't interested in. You have three girls, three guys, all bi and a bed. I could have chose not to be involved and no-one would have minded but I decided to and it was a lot of fun. It is the people that use them as leverage to think better of themselves that I don't like. Yes I have done things on a few occasions that most p
  16. Edinburgh Lothian Buses operate a £1.60 one way system. If you go one stop or twenty it is always £1.60 and £4.00 for an all day ticket. One of the perks of living in a tourist filled capital. That and the Fringe, the fact there is always something on, any tour ever usually passes visits us, meeting new people, greater alternative scenes, nice shops and places to eat, beautiful architecture, a chance for me to practice my kink..... The list well and truly goes on but yes, here is the route: http://lothianbuses.com/timetables-and-maps/timetables/3 You can go between any point and any ot
  17. It is indeed an hour each way so my neglected 3DS will get some love. Gotta complete that copy of Pokemon Yellow I got for the 20th anniversary . 'FireKnife'
  18. Oh don't worry, it is one of those laws where they have just put (Scotland) after it but it is the same as the rest of the UK. I can indeed appeal against them and can even pay for the work myself to be carried out if I don't feel that the cost presented are reasonable. Basically I am going to see what they estimate. If they put the £15-20 for a cleaner then I don't mind as I would have paid for a quick once over by a professional anyway but circumstances didn't give me the chance to. But if they want the supposed £45-75 to run some sealant around the bath edges they can *fruitcage
  19. Depends on the event as I can 'out story' some people but only on specifics. Stunt however seems to be able to do it on about 50% of the things I see people put . Also Estate Agents, not only have they lied on the form for me leaving my flat but they have the cheek to ask for 'around £65-85' for cleaning and repairs. Good I have my other ex-flatmate and there very 'won't let this go' father, it is going to be hilarious, but waste some of my life-time . 'FireKnife'
  20. I must admit GTA V is one of those few games that even if they sold me the game for £10 then made me micropay missions at 10-20p a game I would consider it and be broke. That game is so much of the good things. Also, turns out that I can get a £1.60 bus each way to my 'local' airsoft shop, better yet the bus is about one every 10mins and takes about an hour so I can catch up on my 3DS time . 'FireKnife'
  21. Ordered a pair of VSR mags off their slow *albatross* website. Arrived promptly and was told exactly where they were in the order processing line. Can't fault them one bit, RMs speed at delivering them is a different matter . 'FireKnife'
  22. I now own a G-Spec thanks to money! Now to sight in the irons I have on it and get it pushing best range stock on .28s, I have a plan for this one I do. 'FireKnife'
  23. Erm, gun was £140, mags were about £30-40, battery was about £10, suppressor was £15 and charger was free. So at £200 odd and barely used I think the price I have put in the thread is fine enough, whatever it is this time . 'FireKnife'
  24. Owe me, not sure what you mean Stunt? It is going for whatever I put in the sales thread thingy, I am just trying to shift to spring / gas due to my preference for both. Either way, if it is gone it is one less thing to worry about for me 'FireKnife'
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