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  1. Haha, well you I could trust with it Stunt . Still ideally want to just have spring and gas, tried electric and was like this: https://youtu.be/zGxwbhkDjZM?t=24 'FireKnife'
  2. Is it made by TM? No, then I am sorry sir but I must decline! Anyway, got my three Series 70s, Detonics, HK45, USPc and M9 which is enough. The boltie is just because I like having a gun for all year round and electric bores me because 'hipster-soft' or something . Also, wooo, getting my £410 deposit back soon and more cash at work and selling off stuff to make even more, yay. 'FireKnife'
  3. Well I am clearly too much of a TM fanboi!!! so why fight it . Now to just work out which pistol to rock with the rifle, perhaps the USPc or the Detonics, or hell even a 'take one at random' and just play that? 'FireKnife'
  4. I may, may have just spent £230 to buy a new TM G-Spec in OD and a pair of magazines, plus delivery. I also may, just may, add a set of good irons to it, replace the barrel and hop to get it up to the 300 mark and run it on .3s as a suppressed carbine ala a De Lisle. Just maybe mind you all . Anybody wanna buy a TM new type M9 or a G&G Suppressed FireHawk? 'FireKnife'
  5. True, aren't we down to about 10 regular members here? 'FireKnife'
  6. Good evening all, anyone got a spare TM single side safety (A1, S70, Detoncis etc) and a MEU frame that they are willing to part with for pennies? :D

  7. Wait, really? Mine is in perfect marking condition, how odd. Unless the pics are just to satisfy others and the gun comes as it should? 'FireKnife'
  8. Same, I only watch the novelty acts on YT the following day, you know the ones that realise it is just as pointless as 95% of us do? But they at least have a go of it. 'FireKnife'
  9. Hmm, I do always wonder when someone presents an odd name to me as their own. Personally I just hear the explanation as the one Twist gives in Space: 'My parents were hippies'. Makes sense to me. Also the fact I have stable internet now, not helped by an ex flat-mate being as irritating as all hell . 'FireKnife'
  10. Erm, well as this is the 'happy' thread I have: - Met a new girl - Am in a strong, open relationship - Have found a niche for my alternative life choices - Come to terms with my sexuality - Have a start up small business making 'toys' - Not going any further as yeah, warn points But yes I have had a very meaningful few months, along with a better job and living in my perfect city so all is good . 'FireKnife'
  11. I have three and have probably had more than needed to ban but ah well, the last one is like 5-6 years old I think? Just never removed. Oh and, erm, hi people! 'FireKnife'
  12. It is an awful gun, after only about 3-400 shots mine: - Had the outer barrel come away from the screwed in block that holds it on, still shot but badly. - Had the magazine stick and be a *badgeress* to move. - Suppressor wasn't set up right with the slide so all shots went right after about 15-20m. - Eventually the trigger spring went so it wouldn't reset and I just gave up with it. Not worth it to be honest, WE really haven't got that hang of it just yet. Oh and this was on Ultra and not Green / Red or Black gas for that matter . 'FireKnife'
  13. Well I have a few games I want to power through. Plus a good friend of mines gets my PS3 so will get a chance to play a few pretty good games that I have at the moment . Too bad I have to wait until tomorrow until it arrives! But that still gives me time to play a bit more on my PS3 with MGS:V:TPP 'FireKnife'
  14. Well I caved and got a PS4 after getting a really good deal that was rather well hidden on Amazon, though it does mean I have to sell my copy of FIFA'16 STEEEELLLLLBBOOOOOKK!!!!!! edition that comes with it as hell do I want it. However Star Wars Battlefront and Fallout 4, erm yes please! That and I can get New and Tasty on it and actually play more of it . This makes me happy, good deal, good games and no stupid Black Friday sales pish to go through. 'FireKnife'
  15. Read a few good and bad but old reviews of Milspec Solutions. Are they still awful or have they improved? They have the SA Glock 42 in stock UK side at an OK enough price and considering it :)

    1. Wild_XIII


      I've never had a problem with them.

    2. BioRage


      Can't go wrong with VFC. Even if you don't game, it's a very nice collector piece.

    3. FireKnife


      Too bad they are out of stock, damn it. Want a Glock 42 but don't want to import.

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  16. You must cut down the tallest tree with...................................................... a herring! Also, have you heard the one about the Englishman, the American girl and the Hungarian girl? No, well I did and it was a *fruitcage*-ing good time . Finally bought a WE M84 in 'Chrome / Nickel' and the WE Makarov suppressor fits, I am a happy person indeed as it looks awesome . 'FireKnife'
  17. I had the Halloween party to end all Halloween parties, well until next years one . Plus for the third week in a row I am booked out every evening with friends, play partners or dates. How did my life end up like this? 'FireKnife'
  18. Personally I am on the DB5, the DB10 looks too sleek and refined, not quite 'classic', far too modern. Bbut then I would spend my time driving Switzerland and other European mountain countries with a vintage blonde at my side . 'FireKnife'
  19. Agreed on Archer, seriously why is it the three shows I watch out of the thousands that exist start at roughly the same time, why can't they be spread out the year instead? But nope, end up binge watching the whole lot, oh well. 'FireKnife'
  20. Twas last couple of years while visiting the Newcastle area. However my point is really one of general charity attitudes that they expect that people have to give for their cause. Using my salary as a basis if I gave £1 to every single charity that is in the local or national area I would have about £1 left for myself a month. Charity is a great thing, but some people just hard sell and take the cake, just this case it happened to relate to the above posts . 'FireKnife'
  21. As much as I am all for the remembering of the military forces and what they fought for, I don't want some gormless, spotty *Ubar* that I wouldn't trust with a rubber band, never mind the conrtols to a gatling cannon, shoving a bit of red paper and green / black plastic in my face and demanding 'at least a £1' for it. I will honour in my own way, same as I will give to the charities I want to give, the rest, go pester someone else. 'FireKnife'
  22. Have managed to spend every night out for the past two weeks out doing something. This is my first night in and I feel bored. Also my Nan passed away, yes this is in the right thread as she was a horrible person and it will take a long time to explain why, plus implicate a few people so yeah, just accept that I am happy she is gone . Also Rocky Horror screening this week, oh and no manager at work, got some parts to build some custom toys (not all for airsoft ), chatting up and getting dates with a few people and finally got a 'fun party' next weekend. 'FireKnife'
  23. I likes them with the pointy nipples though . Combines tits and 1911s? So want some now. 'FireKnife'
  24. Haha, I don't know you still get some terrible beer from draught . Been there, done that . Ale is good for one thing, adding to steak and making pies with . 'FireKnife'
  25. Most draught beer is chilled urine to be honest, hell even the typical canned and bottled stuff is too. Cider is a bit better if it is good cider, but even then you get some chilled dog water in that line up too. 'FireKnife'
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