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  1. My day is over and I have a good film to watch. Plus chicken, rice and garlic bread night which is a small mercy. Oh and I have more pistols and they all fit in my generic holster I bought for spares, so yay . 'FireKnife'
  2. This does seem a bit odd since the one I got from Wolf had the usual trades and everything. Maybe it is to keep someone happy or they used a different import method that required modification for the gun? Either way has anyone bought one from them and can confirm? The trades on the TM USPc are so nice it would be a shame to see them carved off for some reason. 'FireKnife'
  3. I must admit on my PS3 New Vegas was a sod for taking ages to load after a couple hours of play and the further I got the larger the save file did too but never past say a few MBs. Fallout 3 was fine but I do hope Fallout 4 is as awesome. As for upgrading meh, I might bother eventually but like with my reason for not bothering to watch new and modern films there are just so many much better classics out there that I could be burning my time on. Plus my 3DS sees about as much action due to a much smaller but more interesting games library. As for me being happy well my improvement in se
  4. The P226 and XDM are much the same, in RS you need to retract the slide to a point but on the Marui it just turns as normal. At least on the HK45 and USPc you have a point in the slide that you have to push it to in order to strip it 'FireKnife'
  5. Ok got a chance to play with my USPc last night and here are my findings: - Decocker is light but takes a good bit of travel to work so feels about right. - Slide feels a touch brittle compared to other TMs but the rear of the slide feels as solid as possible. - Not a huge range but spot on for the Lower FPS. - Firing it on 144a is like a Detonics on Green, nice and snappy but no huge levels of kick. - Finish and looks are typical spot on TM. All in all I would say a 9/10 generally but a 8/10 compared to other TMs. Still just so glad to have a TM USPc at last. And agreed the little
  6. It can also be the cheap metal nozzles on GG cans. I find that the plastic nozzles on some cans fills better in my Maruis but the WE and HFCS guns I had worked better on the metal nozzles 'FireKnife'
  7. I will be honest, I have only seen that happen on a few guns and said models were known for issues. But on TMs, KWAs, KSCs, WAs, some WEs, some Army's and many others like HFC, KJ and the even lesser clone makes have lasted with the standard cast parts. Maybe it depends on how they are run and treated too, but I have only seen issues in issue prone guns with the odd exception that you can't really blame on anything other than just lack of luck in getting a mediocre part. 'FireKnife'
  8. Had a feeling there was something like that behind it. Plus agreed, even the material cost alone would probably double that of a TM. Given full steel guns hit upwards of £1000 I could easily believe it. 'FireKnife'
  9. Having had my TM XDM for a good 9 months of decent use I can't say I have seen a single bit of part wear. Everything in it looks fine and like it will last. Running it straight on Green is going to cause issues though as it has a larger cylinder, meaning it will have a bigger effect on the parts as it rocks back and forth. On Ultra, and not firing it in a very warm room, it is chugging along fine. Had an issue with the front sight popping out but that has happened in other designs that use the little cross piece holding the site to the slide. 'FireKnife'
  10. Yup, to be honest given the few comics I have read of Deadpool i really expected no less than that test footage. Now if it ends up being cut down to a 12A and isn't at least a 15 and full of mental shizz I am just going to plain give up on Marvel films. 'FireKnife'
  11. Yeah, Deadpool is about one of the few Marvel ideas I can really get excited about. Also new Bond film trailer looks interesting. Could be a good one or could be average, depends how they swing it with Waltz and the whole 'digging up the past again' idea. 'FireKnife'
  12. That building looks very familiar . Reminds me that I need to get to a game myself in this area soon enough. 'FireKnife'
  13. Very odd, I would say check the structure that holds the hop rubber and wheel is nice and tight. That or open it up and remove any excess lube in the area. It needs to be stiff but still able to move. 'FireKnife'
  14. Mmmm, shiny...... 'FireKnife'
  15. Marui and falling for it: 'FireKnife'
  16. I must admit, after over two months of owning the HK45, when I go to my pistol cupboard and go to take one of my moderns out the HK usually gets first pick. I keep finding new things to like about it, plus the combo DA/SA and SAO is great as it allows me to have a gun that works in SA but allows me to explain DA/SA to others that don't know yet . Plus on the small backstrap it fits far too well for such an ugly grip. 'FireKnife'
  17. And ambush them with a cup of coffee? Only Sean Bean can have that done to him, if he doesn't die he just gets thrown out anyway. 'FireKnife'
  18. Now that is how you do an airport romance, eh? Yeah I will get my coat......... 'FireKnife'
  19. Given most people I know that are current or ex-forces don't even remotely brag about it, most of the people I encounter that do are talking bull. Plus asking them to even give you basic things like the capacity and full calibre of a L85 confuses most walts. 'FireKnife'
  20. Yeah, well sort of . I have pistols that I run during indoor games and a nice set of 1911s for outdoors. That way I get a nice mix and don't end up just running 1911s for everything. 'FireKnife'
  21. True but cats are curious beasts and just as likely to whack it and set it off out by investigating it. Then next time they just do it to be *rickrolls*. As for people well depends on the person. A pro would know what to look for, a non-pro just gets lucky if he even gets in and out with anything. Either way you are much more likely for it to get set off by some dumb animal than a thieving scumbag. 'FireKnife'
  22. You know, not been to a pub in ages, really should considering there are a few, still non-Wetherspoon ones near me. Also just tried a bit of 144a in my M&P and XDM just to see how they feel. I find the XDM just feels like most non-large diameter bore guns on Ultra but the M&P is lovely, the snappiness is perfect and it recoils a lot smoother for follow ups. Might have to stick to it, plus means a tad less wear and tear (for the record, both are my indoor guns, in fact all my non-1911s are, and 144a is fine in all weathers for them). 'FireKnife'
  23. No but the neighbours are going to be diving behind their beds when that goes off . 'FireKnife'
  24. You would be surprised how many chicks like guns. But maybe it is a test to see if it still works like those countless YT videos of Glocks firing after basically being *suitcase* on and then left for it to dry and cake on? 'FireKnife'
  25. No Tokyo Marui, I don't want your shiny, plastic revolver that weighs all of 400g, I like many others, want to see you release a USP Compact!!!

    1. renegadecow


      645g for the 6", but why are they plastering it around as if it were new? They've made the "new" v-notch hop stainless Pythons since like 2010.

    2. renegadecow


      Also shame on you for getting me excited for nothing.

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