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  1. wait does ITB count as the field? Blanks are just like airsoft know one calls there hits haha
  2. Just for #@$%'s and giggles. Its supposed to be like an embassy guardbut I think Im gonna put together something more like the Bourne identity w/ dress deltas and an IBA
  3. No I missed out on the vehicle training, Man that day was a blast, shame we lost though. We got 2 of the 6 hostages but then again here is all the guys on our team: ..................And the bad guys we fought: What were the numbers juicy, 25 vs. 100+?
  4. Oh snap its juicymeat, hey its thefloyd! OP: Master Key pics
  5. Its a WGC custom M4 with G&P midlength RAS, Magpul CTR stock, knights style flip up sights and a STAR PEQ. The 550 cord around the PEQ is to keep it on the rifle because the joining betwen the metal mount for the rail and the plastic box is farily suspect. I play pretty rough so I didnt want to look for my PEQ if it got smack on something or what not. Here are some better pics
  6. Well its a tough job to post a picture after Titleist, but someone's gotta do it.
  7. Before OP: Master Key After:
  8. And now for something completely different due to my lack of situational awareness
  9. Looks good but technically you arent supposed to put your first line on a riggers belt since that goes through the belt loops like a regular belt. I would recommend a duty belt but only if you are an anal geardo or a wannabe geardo like me
  10. You can order direct from www.milspecmonkey.com or from www.skdtac.com
  11. Damn, sorry to hear about you back, I hope everything works out for you. Thanks for your help with the 6004, its on my list to get after the Merrells and stuff for my M4. I guess I'll just mount the serpa on the chest area of the TAG Rampage when I get it.
  12. Well then I guess thats it then. My new to buy list with my income tax return and the Bush money: TAG Rampage PC TAG MAP 6004 DBT Low-vis carrier Merrell Sawtooths Oakley Assualt Gloves Hopefully the Corps will let me use the TAG PC in deployment
  13. We dont really have a CQB site to play at around here. Is it really that comfortable in a full sprint or running because thats m main style of play. We dont have a woodland site but it is a very large okpen field with plenty of large brush. Blarney, does it fail or foul when it gets dirty because I am one of the few airsofters that gets dirty I guess I should get it with the money that Bush is giving back to us to restart the economy because my serpa is in a spot that isnt really easy to draw because its soo far back to avoid the M60 pouch on my strong side.
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