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  1. HuDeani

    SMG Picture Thread

    ah well there is method to my madness! my bar-10 is painted up in the same style! see! lol goin for a autum/desert style! and i love the gun in cod4 but its not why i got one of these lol needed a very compact backup for when im using my bar!
  2. HuDeani

    SMG Picture Thread

    Here is my jg vz61 my backup for when im using my bar-10! thoughts?
  3. HuDeani

    Painted Weapons Picture Thread

    Here is my freshly painted scorpian (that i got today) just waiting for my big a$$ silencer to turn up then that will be goin on then a bit of wear n tear to the paint and bingo!
  4. HuDeani

    M14 Picture Thread

    that is mega sexy! makes me want my m14 back lol!
  5. HuDeani

    M14 Picture Thread

    thats a rather nice ebr you have there!
  6. HuDeani

    M14 Picture Thread

    its a bit of a combo a cyma ris kit with a acm m3 scope and the G&P scope mount lol so it is the same as the kit just cheaper
  7. HuDeani

    M14 Picture Thread

    indeed it is! and im more than happy with it! no feeding porbelms at all even on semi! with one full wind you get atleast 300-500 shots off before it needs winding. only thing i dont like about it is that the main body isnt metal.
  8. HuDeani

    M14 Picture Thread

    i do have mostly G&P mid caps fitted with some olive mag pulls i only got the double mag as it was 30 quid lol and im waiting for the silencer for the spr flash hider to come through and a tan leather m14 sling woo
  9. HuDeani

    M14 Picture Thread

    Here is a couple of new pics of my m14 with its new parts enjoy
  10. HuDeani

    My Airsoft fun!

    a bit of everything

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