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  1. Here is my new HSGI Weesatch in multicam flavor, along with an 8 cell general purpose pouch and triple pistol mag pouch, both in multicam.
  2. Another crappy try at an artsy pic by me.....
  3. Keyser, I love it, real great job. I personally couldn't bring myself to paint over a metal body, but it certainly brings the whole package together. Keep up the good work.
  4. I think these comply with the rules.... Here is me in the staging area a few weeks ago...... And heres one of some of our group......
  5. Where are you able to still find a car-15 in stock? I'll try to look for a pic for ya also.... *edit* Here we go, a car-15 compared to a famas, so its pretty small yet not too small. http://www20.brinkster.com/astharakiri/100_0029.jpg
  6. I can answer that. Yes, the gun requires the box mag. It houses your power supply as well as the bb's, and the feed opening won't fit an m16 mag for various reasons.
  7. No joke? Wow. Well surely there are some requirements to keep younger players out, right? Not trying to diss younger players (only 15 myself) but I think allowing younger people to play(especially in a cqb environment) could break a great event (not enough "brave" people to clear buildings, move down/across open streets, etc). Of course, it seems pretty apparent this was a great event, so who knows.
  8. To attend the event theres an 18 year old minimum age limit correct?
  9. I promise, as a lefty myself, you won't have any problems firing/cocking it and definately won't need to learn to shoot right handed.
  10. Capacious, I've found that the vsr is pretty darned consistent. Hawaii iceman is right, however, like other gas guns im sure on cold days it'll be lacking, especially up in wisconsin(which judging from your profile thing is where you live). However, down here in south carolina, about the coldest days we get are in the 40s, so I doubt i'll have a whole lot of consistentcy problems, but only time will tell.....and thanks for liking the lil paintjob, it'll get a proper one shortly...
  11. While we're on the subject on right-handedness, im left handed and have absolutely no trouble cycling the bolt on my vsr quickly. Just thought I'd add that incase someone might turn away from the vsr because of what hand they use.
  12. Jak, if you're talking to me and being serious, thanks alot. Kenshin 9, I can't help you out too much with how the KIC cylinder works on different gases, all I have used it on is propane and green gas which is virtually the same. On those gases, its very high... way beyond forum limits. However, I'd imagine using a lower power gas would work just as fine in the weapon. I myself can't praise the cylinder enough, its absolutely great. Please let me know if you have any other questions, and sorry I couldn't help with the different gases..
  13. Might have posted this in the pics of your weapon, but don't think so. Marui vsr-10 g-spec with KIC gas cylinder, tasco 3-9x40mm scope, and "custom" 5 minute paint job.
  14. Haha, yea, I saw some pics of the french-german brigade, and for the pic I thought the flectarn would be better than Marpat or woodland. Ha, and I was hoping nobody would notice the darn lbv . Also, wgc only sent a plastic orange flash hider with it, so I'm about to order a supressor adapter for the famas so the front end won't look so naked. Oh well, definately not my best pic, but I tried right?
  15. Think I already posted it in the show your weapons thread, but ehh, oh well. Just a plain old Famas SV shooting at about 325 fps.
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