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  1. The grips look much better on the silver frame IMO
  2. The battery will be a Lipo housed in the stock tube
  3. Heres my lates addition. My old CA M4A1 tarted up for xmas, along with my project C8 SFW Parts list M4 CA M15A4 carbine D boys CASV sprayed Krylon Khaki TM vert grip Madbull Noveske KX3 King Arms G27 pistol grip Dboys VLTOR clubfoot stock G&P aimpoint rep C8 Guarder C8 reciever Guarder Large AR pistol grip TM vert grip G&P Free float RAS CA M4 Stock with Gaurder stock pad Custom made C8 SFW barrell extension No gearbox in the C8 yet, thats coming soon. Also have a G&P knights type sniper trigger gaurd once I manage to remove that s
  4. Crackisbad, Great pics, hope you and the better half had a lovely time on your honeymoon. South Beach is probably my fave part of florida. I spent 6 months living in West Palm Beach
  5. certainly beats the boring flat fenland round cambridgeshire
  6. Danke, thats o9ne amazing view out your back door!
  7. T5's for the win My last car, C70 T5 GT, truely amazing car to drive, but with my lead right foot 18 miles to the gallon was way too expensive
  8. The boots not much cop for airsoft though lol, but thats why him up there gives us company vans
  9. My new ride Picked it up this afternoon
  10. Now that I do like, I want one Great work guys, look forward to seeing the Sten's
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