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  1. got bored....so took pictures of various uppers from my multiple projects edit....forgot 2 uppers
  2. >Dumb question..i know..but how are these guys able to get their hands on those PEQ-15's?? >Private sale perhaps? they are contracted to train some government agencies...
  3. I'll just list the part out for those in case any one is interested. Chris Costa KAC 11.5" upper w/URX and flip up front sight/gas block combo, KAC compensator/flash hider. Magpul billet Lower, CTR Stock, MIAD grip. Aimpoint ML3 in kac type cantilever mount. Kac 600m rear buis. Ambi selector. Magpul enhanced trigger guard. Travis Haley Noveske 13.7" Infidel barrel w/KX3, Magpul billet Lower. Larue 11.0" goose neck rail. Miad grip, CTR stock. Troy BUIS. Magpul enhanced trigger guard. Aimpoint micro T1 in larue mount. oh and Redimag Both has ASAP sling plate, not availa
  4. I guess because he couldn't take out the right side thumb safety that's why the internals are staying in? If it's a metal kit, why not just give it a good wash with easy off oven cleaner (or any cleaning liquid that has sodium hydroxide....)
  5. got two slides courtesy for sale forum here.... anodized paint stripped (easy off oven cleaner or generic brand with same ingredients). Polished, sealed with future floor wax....I did a sloppy job on some parts, but I'm lazy like that. Also superglued an aluminum piece to the worn slide notch of the PGC hi-capa slide....one step closer to some silver springfields
  6. that is an amazing rifle......I see so much $$$ and effort piled on it...
  7. It is got it used off of asr a few month back
  8. HK416 + Gemtech G5 Close up of VFC OPS silencer on my Mk12Mod1 SPR
  9. got my Larue UDE furniture set, will be going on a real steel build... Also completed a new build Externals Hurricane HK416 Conversion Star Tangodown battlegrip Echo-1 Crane Stock Madbull Gemtech G5 VFC HK Mag AMP sling plate and sling Internals Systema: Gearbox shell, nozzle Deans connector Element: wiring set, gears, anti-reversal latch, tappet plate, selector plate, cylinder, cylinder head, piston, piston head, Hop Up chamber, hop up bucking KA: Trigger VS Models: 7mm bushing x4, 7mm bearing x2 Guarder: cut off lever, PDI: 150% spring Mil
  10. where do you buy these prime kits?
  11. KVAR has some Bulgarian ones
  12. very high speed looking rig, I dig
  13. for the replica DD rail, it's a bit cheaper if you buy direct from scope and laser's website instead of their ebay auction. Here's a good page on installation of the real steel dd lite 7.0 rail http://www.weaponevolution.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1 the copy version looks pretty close, I ordered one 2 days ago and will report back. I do have the G&P URX installation tool, which looks like it'll work for the dd lite also.
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