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    VFC HK416 (1.45 inch version)
    - G&P Extended Battery Stock
    - G&P 30mm Red Dot Sight
    - G&P USMC-Type Sling
    - Magpul Enhanced Trigger Guard
    - G&P M4 QD KAC Silencer
    - Prometheus Tightbore Barrel
    - Various internal upgrades for >400 FPS

    KSC USP Compact
    - Shooters Design Metal Slide Set
    - G&G Threaded Metal Outer Barrel
    - King Arms H&K Pro Silencer
    - KM TN Tightbore Inner Barrel
    - Upgraded recoil & hammer springs
    - Hi-Flow valves in all magazines
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  1. Been using my KSC USPc for over a year without a single problem. One mag became leaky once, but a bit of silicone oil fixed the o-rings right up.
  2. Glocks are not H&K mate...
  3. When I asked Lakota whether they could coat some rubber items for me, I was informed before hand that the coating will crack when bent. That's just a downside of hydrographic coating you can't avoid.
  4. A lot of VFC HK416s also had this problem. The fix is to replace the switch assembly with a Systema one - worked for loads of us HK416 users anyways.
  5. I've got one, been using it for months. Short review: it rocks, great piece of kit! Buy one.
  6. Yeah, I've had the same problem since the forum upgrade that took place ages ago. I don't receive emails for loads of the topics I'm subscribed to...
  7. I also got myself one of those when they first came out, its a great plate carrier!
  8. Just wanted to clarify, the production HK45s have the spider grip, but the HK45Cs have the standard grip as shown in the that photo.
  9. No it doesn't, but I'm glad to hear you've switched over to a superior browser.
  10. The point is, Firefox is a much better browser than IE7 in every single way. There is no logical reason to use IE7 over Firefox, so regardless of whether all other sites work fine, you should still be using Firefox.
  11. The USP does not have a standard 20mm rail, so you'll need to buy an adaptor to attach anything to it.
  12. Not sure what you're talking about. Its perfectly legal to remove the orange tip.
  13. Yeh mate I actually had it on my subload the last game and it was a nuisance. Gonna move it to my belt.
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