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  1. UPDATE NOV 19,2006 Dissassembly is a breeze. If you have an AK dissasembly manual (I got mine from www.airsoftplayers.com) , you can be at the bare gearbox inless than 10 mins. Just make sure you remember what screw goes where. Smile The Gun is divided in 3 sections: the stock (or butt), the receiver, and the barrel assembly. The stock butt has enough room for a 8.4v sub c 2400mAh nicd battery (a 9.6v 2400mAh ni-cd in 2x4 configuration will NOT fit inside the butt), I will have to do some DIYs for my battery problem. The receiver as mentioned before, is made up of hi-quality
  2. Finally after a few months of waiting and thinking. I Got My CYMA SLR (thanks FAFA LARRY). The last quarter of the year is very good for airsofters in the Philippines, we have lots of models that came out. Out of the so many ACM guns that came out, I trimmed my decision to 3. They are, in no particular order: 1. Warrior L96 (WOW Out of the box decent sniper rifle) 2. CYMA .031 (AK SLR) – Modern AK 3. KART M14 (who doesn’t want one) Why did I choose the Cyma .031? 1. Playing Style – though its fun to be a sniper, I play as a heavy gunner and assault. 2. Handling – the M1
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