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Status Updates posted by Maveric

  1. Magazine topup order incoming from WGC!

  2. woot, 3x 49rnd Kriss Vector mags inbound.

  3. Order myself some new Under Armour Speed freek boots. Just need to trackdown an Eotech 511 and an Streamlight TLR-1S and my Kriss Vector is finished.

  4. Airsofting in the snow with a GBB rifle, perhaps not such a good idea after all!! Performance proved taxing!

    1. kenxin


      Still way more fun than a normal AEG.

    2. Maveric
  5. hoping my optactical order will arrive this week..

  6. w00t! roll on airsoft tomorrow!

    1. Hatchet


      Fact, been testing the pistols in the garden... punchy. The only question is which site to visit...

    2. Maveric


      indeed, i wanted to check out "the Mall" but unfortunately that seems to be all booked up. So might just be GZ for me.

    3. Hatchet


      You could still risk it and get there very early as they have a small number of spaces set aside. Possibly Battle Lakes for me.

  7. installed my MB DNTC FSC 556 Flash Hider onto my SA80.. looks bitchin'

  8. is back in the game!

  9. thinks its about time to get back into airsofting..

  10. is soon to purchase a shiney new GBB rifle

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