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  1. Its the steamlight remote switch rail mounts (that come with the remote switch), 2 rubber mounts that key into the rail grooves as well as key into the rails on the remote switch holding it securely in place.


    Not something i've seen done before but its really sweet and beats the hell out of velcro (if you have the rail real estate for it).

  2. I haven't had to much of a chance to play test it, but its an uber simple install and fits like a glove. Seems well made and mounts solidly to the receiver. the paddle is in a good position which doesn't require the forced extension of your index finger at all and thanks to the mechanical leverage doesn't require a huge amount of force to activate either. I'd say if your finding reloading abit of a pain on your vector its well worth it. 


    Doesn't interfere with the side slung stock at all.



    The replacement left hand side magazine release is much larger and squarer than the standard with a more abrasive texture.




  3. A bullpup thread 3 pages deep and no L85s yet?! what is this madness!


    To bring order back to the galaxy here's mine!



    Those Type 97s sure do look sweet as though!

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