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  1. Umm... Quite the piece you are wielding there Grim! Whats the ROF on that?
  2. Nice shots Junior. Always kinda wanted to do that, but one, I'm lazy and two, I'd probably need a book like Gray's Anatomy or a freakin dictionary to fit my SOCOM
  3. Excellent review (as always ). I've wanted a gunner's weapon for a long time and now that they finally are affordable it may finally be time for me to make the MK46 Mod O ( F.N. ) I've been drooling over
  4. Holy schnickeys! I actually have a piece of gear that Mercy doesn't have yet!?!?!? That's a first. Yah, I used to use a Eagle universal drop leg system... Sucked so badly. Finally invested in a Safariland for my Mk.23. Draw is sick, comfortable as all Hell. The DE colour is perfect for all my cammies. Overall sick t!tties. I'll post up some pics as soon as the rest of my goodies come
  5. Point taken. Come on now Did I say that? But let's face it how many people on this thread (and in airsoft in general) are actually going to be using a REAL knife as a weapon in airsoft?
  6. There is a knife thread you know
  7. Tactical Tailor also makes pouches in Ranger Green Click Here
  8. Holy schnikies that Camelbak is vintage! Man, looking at that you can see how far the franchise/product has come.
  9. Make some replica plates out of foam camping/sleeping bag mats, they bulk up your vest and form a better fitting to your body. I use them in my Eagle PC, saves you close to 25$ as opposed to buying the Toy Soldier ones
  10. Wow, talk about your play on words...
  12. It works pretty well but that isnt' the only pattern you are gonna want, unless you like having your gun look it came out of a Sunday news paper comic
  13. Agreed. That is sooo freakin hot. And its a EBR... Jealous
  14. Wow! That is HOT! I have been kinda leaning towards the Sig series but this has set it in stone. Very nice sidearm.
  15. Oh come on! Don't you know orange is the new black? As soon as I get enough money for the Glock I want I'm gonna paint the thing pink. Because everyone knows that getting shot with a pink gun is plain frustrating.
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