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  1. so, I stripped the hole that the fire selector goes into, the only way i can get it back is with some teflon tape. But the only way to get it to stay is to leave out the brass bushing and washer, how eminent are those pieces? btw, sick nasty akm, grim.
  2. thank, I was talking about a real steel ventilated hand guard, but I guess it doesn't matter.
  3. I asked grim already, but I have some noob questions about AK's. First is the upper hand guard on an AK-47 the same size as one from an AKS-74u? Secondly, does anyone know if the hand guard can be taken off of the gas tube on the ventilated hand guards for the AK-47? like this: http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-4411335223804247737 Thanks!
  4. great seller, fast communication and shipping!

  5. titleist, pardon for being nosy, but I looked through the rest of the set you took, by far one of the best loadouts I've seen in airsoft.
  6. I can attest to the great quality of the guarder version, very solid, and very similar to the real version.
  7. great looking/scheme on the CASV.
  8. very clean paint job looks great.
  9. that looks really nice, I had to order batteries specially made to fit into that stock, what are you using?
  10. titleist, those are grea first lines, I'm usually not a big fan of black set ups, but that looks tits.
  11. I never really liked the horizontal pouches on the back, how often are they used really?
  12. that ca m15 tc is mighty handsome.
  13. great seller. excellent communication.

    overall great guy.

  14. Great guy, legit seller, great communication A+

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