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  1. I am using the standard AGM BCG with an NPAS valve installed. I know you may think that it's a valve problem but the gun is working properly with the AGM magazine.
  2. No. the carrier and the bolt don't even move when I shoot. I think it's maybe a valve problem because I saw that it's one or two milimetres longer than the Agm one. I saw too that the gas route bucking is bigger in the Bomber one. Can any of this things be the problem???
  3. Hi people, I have a question. I've got an AGM m4 Gbb and I have bought a Bomber mag for it. When i charge it and shoot it spits all the gas the magazine has inside. Is there any way to fix the problem or is it just maybe that it's not compatible? I tried to lubricate the valve with silicone oil but it does the same. I wait for your answers. Thanks guys.
  4. There's nothing like having a mum with incredible sewing ability. This is the last thing I told her to make for me....mother love:
  5. Yes it's a cheap copy of a Jazzmaster. I bought it 7 months ago and I love it.
  6. Hi there. Sometimes i try to combine my two hobbies, airsoft and music...well this is what I get. http://i634.photobucket.com/albums/uu61/Op...-Jazzmaster.jpg Sorry if it was a bad joke, It's 2.36 AM I have to wake up soon for a game and I can't sleep. Have a good nite.
  7. Hello people, just one question. Is there any possible way to fix a ca 870 stock to a TM benelli super 90? I would like to get rid of the grip. Thanks
  8. Thanks Leadmill,watching this thread and playing Black Monday must serve for anything.Thanks again
  9. Here's my try to make an UK police impression,I don't know if the link works sorry if it does not. ]My Webpage[/url] P.D:sorry for my belly.
  10. Hey this thread remembers me a song which beggins.....Police an thieeves in the street.....(8). Sorry for the little off topic.I would like to know where can i get british police gear like caps,helmets and all that stuff.Thanks
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