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    Shotgun Picture Thread

    ED-SKaR, Since the gun shoots about 365 with a .25g BB, my range isn't much greater than that of an AEG. That said, because the gun is so consistent (accurate), my effective range is a bit greater. I've made some pretty long shots with it. The wood kit is from a real 870, everything else is stock fom G&P. I threaded a wood plug for the sling swivel, and pinned that plug into the existing magazine tube. I do like the plain sights better too, but the red dot gives a great point of reference. It's downright deadly.
  2. cryogenic76

    Shotgun Picture Thread

    G&P 870, with a little love...
  3. cryogenic76

    Shotgun Picture Thread

    The screw is about 6 or 7 inches long. I suppose if construction supplies are you're thing, this would do the trick.
  4. cryogenic76

    Shotgun Picture Thread

    No problem: The stock uses a long screw, similar to the real Remington 870, that attaches to a tail that sticks out the back of the gearbox. My gun has an aluminum collar from the factory that holds the left and right sides of the tail together for a solid fit. The pictures make the attachment look weak, but it's actually pretty sturdy considering the fact that the tail sees a tension load (pulling away from the body of the gun). Does that help?
  5. cryogenic76

    Shotgun Picture Thread

    G&P Remington 870. I'm excited about it, so I thought I'd share.

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