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  1. Hi All. Anyone have the following parts lurking around for a WA GBBR M4? Bolt Carrier Outer Hop - The part the BCG slides into Charging handle Thanks John
  2. Great guide. Very informative. Exactly what i was looking for. Thanks
  3. Actually I was being lazy and searched and remeasured. So its actually a 23mm cw thread, so I think an Amoeba silencer adaptor will work. If it doesnt I just noticed that my PBS suppressor has a 23mm thread and I can use that. Ive actually got a new gas tube from a standard AK ordered and am waiting on that. The PMC gas block wont fit with the top section of the rail cover. Once that arrives I'll cut the barrel and fit the new gas block then just in case there are any differences between gas blocks (there shouldnt be). If the Ares Amoeba adaptor doesnt suit I'll stick with the curre
  4. Yep totally know it's a waste, but i did look and didn't see any adaptors. Wouldn't happen to have a linky to one? I was going to just turn it down on a lathe but it's not possible. The outer barrel actually sits under the threads so I cant turn them down as there is no material under them.
  5. Ive ordered all the parts now and they are starting to arrive. The b-33 dust cover is shorter than the existing cover, but lines up perfectly. Its very sturdy and should not have an issue holding zero. I ordered the LCT 104 gas block, and would have been perfect for what I was looking for, but the front threads are 28mm for the flashhider, and doesnt have the 14mm to 28mm adaptor the other versions have. I'll remove the front threads and mount to the barrel. SoI'll have to cut the barrel to length, and figure out how to thread the outer barrel for 14mm. Normally its not really an i
  6. Thanks guys for the responses. Defo giving me ideas on where to go. I have the Zhukov stock and pistol grip on order. The B31 rail I got from Aliexpress is actually quite good and only required a small but of filling to make it fit. Not bad for 50 dollars. I did think about cutting the barrel to size and turning it on a lathe so I think that is the way forward. I'll post pictures once the parts arrive.
  7. Hi. I have a WE AK PMC GBB and was looking for some advise with updating its appearance. I have installed the Zenithco handrails and I have a question about compatibility with the 5KU B-33 dustcover. My handguard is a no name version, and I know go with 5Ku to ensure compatibility, but I was hoping to see about fit and finish also on the cover. I also want to shorten the barrel and change the front gas block. I was looking to use a AK-105 type block, with the integrated sights. Which is the best one and what options do I have re: shorter barrel and compatibility with the
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