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  1. Shot handguns for the first time today. Great groups with the autos, but man, I suck at revolvers

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. MrM60


      And what guns?

    3. renegadecow


      When firing in DA for revolvers, do the "power crease". It's all about consistency of the squeeze, keeping trigger flinch at a minimum.

    4. Cliffor


      @Shriven and Mrm60 CZ Phantom 9mm, S&W M10 .38, Ruger GP100 .357, Nighthawk .45 @Renegade thanks, I'll try and keep that in mind next time

  2. Thinkin' about selling all but one of my guns and buying a bunch of muzzleloaders

  3. Man, after hearing about how awesome the m629 is (When not lemon scented) I had high hopes for this. I wonder where they went wrong?
  4. Doctor sight, or a full-on scope mount with red dot for my new glock? Decisions decisions...

    1. Bando


      12x thermal optic or go home :)

    2. aznriptide859


      Docter. I myself am getting an MRDS for my G34. :)

  5. Zeta Labs Mosin-Nagant is out! Can't wait to see the first reviews

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. aznriptide859


      Unless they're bulletproof. :)

    3. cazboab


      That would be Super-Friends, not mates, aznriptide ;)

    4. aznriptide859
  6. I can't really be sure about your shooting and loading troubles, but I would say it's probably the hopup giving you trouble. Fool around with it some, maybe take it down to make sure there's nothing jammed or ripped in it if that doesn't work. As for the spring, mine also bends a little, so I would assume that's normal. Hope that helps
  7. Think I'm gonna sell my rifle and buy a really nice KSC G34 with a red dot and a couple extended mags

    1. Voodoo1


      pistols only is the way to go :-)

  8. What's the range and accuracy like? Any kick? I'm reaaaaly interested in these, especially if it's confirmed that they can take real steel stocks
  9. Okay, what kind of screw holds the end onto the G&P bolt carrier internal bit? Because I'm trying to install an NPAS, and none of my tools fit, and it isn't moving when I tap it

  10. Just dropped 500$ for a G&P m4 with 3 mags, npas, tightbore, heavy recoil buffer and winter spring. Goodbye chairsoft, real fielding here I come!

  11. Agreed, that is probably the most awesome facial hair I've ever seen on here
  12. Oh my goodness that barrel is beautiful! Where did you get it, and for how much? I hope I can get a replacement slide with trademarks someday too...
  13. Sorry guys, totally forgot about this thread To answer some questions, no the outer barrel is not metal, it's plastic. Though it's pretty nice plastic, and seems like it'll hold up to a good amount of abuse. The rear sight is molded into the slide, the front is not, though I'm not sure how to remove it. Probably by a screw inside the slide or something. The safety can only be activated when the hammer is down. As for holsters, I just use a big old leather revolver holster. It fits pretty much anything, and actually doesn't look out of place at all on my pistol belt. Also, I found out
  14. Man those range estimates just made my day. Soon as I get some money together I'm definitely replacing my WG revolver with one of these.
  15. Oh yeah, that's right. I always forget little things like that. There is no decocker. I don't think the original had one either, did it? As far as I know, it was omitted so it could be carried "cocked and locked"
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