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  1. Has anyone changed their inner barrel yet with and after market one? Looks vsr-10 non hybrid cut. If so do you have links on what you have used. Thanks
  2. I am really interested in getting some pants and combat tops of the m98/m2000 pattern. Where is a good place to get them? I would really appreciate the help. My Google game is sad. Pkekyo-Nor your kits have inspired me.
  3. so the G&P ris pump will fit yes or no? do you have pictures of how you made the pump using the mauri one?
  4. umisodachi did you use a G&P ris forend for the pump? similar to thishttp://shop.ehobbyasia.com/g-p-m870-ris-forearm-set-short.html
  5. What blade-tech holster is that? Is it for the MK23? or something else specific model would really help so i can buy one thanks
  6. your rear sight doesnt allow left or right movement(windage)? because mine does
  7. I use a glock 26 serpa holster for all my TM glocks(g18c, g18c with pgc metal slide, g26, g17) and have no problem with it being tight. The glock 17/19 serpa is way too tight for the pistols. If you still have a problem with the g26 serpa take out the little plastic piece. That may help because the screw that holds that in sometimes makes the holster to tight. hope that helps
  8. looks like the foregrip that holds a lipo battery 11.1v 1100 mah. i dont know if this was asked already but does an m4 aeg pistol grip fit on this gun?
  9. hey skippy or anyone else does the mosfet/control unit on the outershell of the gearbox in danger of grounding out with a metal body and how is the fit in the vfc and or ca if you have tried it?
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