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  1. Grumman

    Glock Picture Thread

    Thanks for the help ViciousV10s. Removed the blowback mech from the slide, fiddled, replaced and got it working, replaced slide on frame. But now the slide doesn't move at all. I've ordered another Pro arms frame which I'll either replace the current one with or sell on. Junior, what did you use to fill in the hole you had made in the mag well?
  2. Grumman

    Glock Picture Thread

    Uncompany.com It sounds nice when you pull back the action as well, and seeing as that's all my Glock is good for at the moment I'm doing a lot of it!
  3. Grumman

    Glock Picture Thread

    My nearly finished Glock 18c! Currently waiting on a couple of parts and as usual the gun isn't working properly. The Pro-arms frame is ###### quite frankly, the mag sits lower in the grip hence when you pull the trigger it vents all the gas at once. The fit with the slide (plastic or metal) is poor. There was also no hole in the grip for the magazine release rod (anyone know where I can get a replacement as I've trimmed this one too short). Yes it's got no front site, the old one refused to be removed from the plastic slide so a new one is on order. Fitted the Cobra slide today but now the selector switch wont move from the safe position ...It's not a bad looking paper weight however.
  4. Grumman

    Glock Picture Thread

    Could you tell me the make and model of that silencer. The suppressor looks excellent on that size frame. Also, anyone know where I can get hold of part No# 72 for a KSC Glock (mag release "rod")? I had to cut mine down for a Pro Arms frame I bought (the frame had no hole inside the grip) and I've cut it down too short so it doesn't latch into the magazine release. Got a Prime metal slide on the way from Uncompany so I'll post some pics up when it arrives.
  5. Grumman

    Glock Picture Thread

    Oh wow, that Boomarms slide is lush. If those are German Spec. Ops. markings however it seems weird to have them on a two-tone slide. I suppose I can wait for a black version.
  6. Grumman

    Glock Picture Thread

    Ahh that G&G barrel look's like a winner. Thanks Sale. What's the quality of the KSC metal Glock slide and barrel. Should it be a straight fit or do you need to go to work with a file? I should really look for some photos...
  7. Grumman

    Glock Picture Thread

    Nice review. I notice your tan frame has the same little scuff mark in the centre of the left thumb rest as my black frame does. I don't have my Glock to hand at the moment but I'll try and take some comparative pictures when I have both frames. I wish they'd recreated the HW frames of the 19 and 23 for the Glock 17 frame, although I've never held one I hear they are very nice. I'll look into the G34 barrel. Sourcing a 18c metal slide and barrel seems to be hard enough at the moment!
  8. Grumman

    Glock Picture Thread

    Junior, what do you think of the Pro-Arms frame. Recieved mine yesterday from Den and I'm having mixed feelings about. Yes it's got the Glock logo on the left side of the grip (the only reason I bought it as all the other trades are the same as the stock KSC frame) but the quality seems a bit dubious. The texture on the sides of the grip seem shallower than the KSC grip. Also, seam lines are visible in portions and there's plastic bur lines left over from the mould on the outside and in the mag well. Did you have this on yours? Mind you, it was only $26 so I can't really complain. Hopefully it'll look ok on when it's fitted to my 18c Much coveted Glock logo in the left side of the grip. Also, anyone know where I can get a metal outer barrel of G34 length. Looking to possibly make a custom compensator to add to the vents in the barrel that are already there. I don't really want to have to get a G34 slide as well.
  9. Grumman

    Glock Picture Thread

    That's a great picture, and a great gun. I've got a Guarder original Glock 17 frame for sale if you're interested. I ordered it for my KSC

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