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  1. My custom SPR with a bit of wear and tear. I went a bit overboard on certain parts but try to imagine this thing being lugged through a jungle or thick forest where it will be bashed and scraped against branches and bits of foalige, hence the scratches along the receiver and barrel heatshield.
  2. I'm looking to buy a scope for my AKS-74u (the Dboys version). Can anyone recomend one? I was looking at POSP scopes and came across the Chinese version on various websites. Does this fit directly onto the receiver rail? Any modification required? First and foremost is it any good as a scope or should I plump for a different version or the real thing? Any photographs of AKS-74u's with scopes would be much appreciated And in keeping within thread rules:
  3. It's light brown. The usual reasons for why it looks different from real life apply (camera, lighting etc...). I might spray the stripes a darker brown so I don't offend anybody else.
  4. My SPR: More photos in the painted weapons thread.
  5. Now the dark green line is subdued, the rear of the scope got the same treatment after I took the photographs.
  6. Yea like I said in my previous post I've since dusted over the dark green. I'll get up another photo. Cheers for the input.
  7. It was originally a JG M16A3, everything's been replaced apart from the pistol grip, gears, motor and butt. The receiver is made by G&P. The finished product: The quite stark green stripe down the side of the receiver has since received a dusting of light brown to soften up the edges Just needs some wear and tear now. If I attempt another paint job on this rifle I fancy tiger stripes.
  8. Luvs2shoot, http://www.dentrinityshop.com/pr_details.jsp?pid=5445 that's the rear sight only mine isn't ICS. More colours to come, the green was just lying around so I used it. When I've got time I'll go nuts with the air brush. A friend saw an old M16 receiver I had been practising on and said "it looks like mud". That's got to be one of the best compliments with regards to camouflage you can get right?
  9. Possibly the only use for WMP? Needs a few layers on Photoshop.
  10. My freshly painted lean green killing machine. Bipod and forward sling mount still need doing. Humbrol should rename the colour 'shrek'. Any recommendations on colours and patterns I should use on the next layers?
  11. Thanks for the help ViciousV10s. Removed the blowback mech from the slide, fiddled, replaced and got it working, replaced slide on frame. But now the slide doesn't move at all. I've ordered another Pro arms frame which I'll either replace the current one with or sell on. Junior, what did you use to fill in the hole you had made in the mag well?
  12. Uncompany.com It sounds nice when you pull back the action as well, and seeing as that's all my Glock is good for at the moment I'm doing a lot of it!
  13. My SPR. Based of a JG M16A3, all that remains of the original gun is the stock, pistol grip, motor, and the gears. I'll try and get another pic in better light.
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