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  1. since I can't find any G&P metal ak midcaps in my prefered shops, i wanted to ask you guys if anyone have tried King Arms metal midcaps with a Jing Gong AK and knows if they fit need any modification or just won't fit at all?
  2. then I'll buy this ones! Thanks for the quick answer!
  3. uh a nice one! i am thinking of getting one myself. since i am no big fan of higcap mags, i would like to know which midcaps i could buy along with the guns? any ideas on that? cheers
  4. hi! It's a diesel 1,9l with 102ps engine. i love it!! what engine is yours?
  5. very good review, thanks mate! the gun looks really nice, I consider buying one, just for the looks and then maybe change the internals... hm we'll see, cheers dude
  6. woohooo sexy guns in here! great stuff you guys got there
  7. here you see all my proud. my first car I bought all on myself, which is quite a big step for me. it's not a picture of my car, but thats what it looks like
  8. @r.ocelot. that are some niiice pic and its one sexy gun!!
  9. woha, that is a nice one!! great m4, arivee
  10. i fired the bell m9 myself and it's pretty good. however i prefer the hfc, it's kind of, i don't know, sturdier maybe. @Bob I loooove the silver one with the blue grips. Give it to me! NOW!!
  11. Vercingetorix: Great gun!! what silencer have you put on? Is it cw or ccw? cheers
  12. yes i would be interessted in the fps too! as darklite i was telling myself i don't need a luger in may repertoire. but thanks to your excellent review i want one now! great review, thanks man
  13. nice sigs everyone. I got almost convinced to get one, if I had the money
  14. thanks mate! I plan to sand one of the lower receivers, so that I have a silver lower with black slide and vice verca, and change the grips to wood ones. you will get the results as soon as I am finished
  15. i second that *g* good review, thanks mate!!
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