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  1. So what if they're updating? So you'll have to wait, who gives a *beep*?
  2. I posted it in another topic
  3. Getting connection refused when trying to join the IRC, if this problem hasn't been solved yet, and I still have ops I'll add more ops
  4. Gilera Runner 125 with 180 conversion, and lotsa other tweaks. Wish I could say it was mine The things pop wheelies lovely, maybe one day, eh?
  5. You could sign up to photobucket and upload them all there.
  6. No internet would make me cry.
  7. Yeh, I'm guessing for most people it's the fact you can "safely" shoot other people with these things ! =)
  8. Was the comment necessary? Belive it or not we aren't all spoilt brats who just get money chucked at them for nothing by their parents.
  9. When I'm mishin' to teco wit ma possie like I carry ma bread knife, but it's only for protection though innit.
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