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    nov 06
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    G&P CQB M4 (the muts), ICS M4, WA SV Infinity Expert 5'', WA SV ltd, WA Wilson Combat Supergrade, WA SV 3.9'', WA Para Ordnance 14-45.
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    Tamworth, Staffordshire
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    Airsoft, air gunning (Field Target), photography, mountain biking, walking, drinking, eating etc, etc.....
  1. PoP

    1911 Picture Thread

    Hey dude, is that a metal slide? I too have a 3.9'' SV and i can't find a metal slide for it anywhere! Cheers.
  2. PoP

    1911 Picture Thread

    Man, see EvilHippys post.......... I was just goin on what i was told when i bought the damn thing! I just would NOT do that kinda thing to you or anyone else intentionally dude.. I'm as ###### as you
  3. Meant to ask, has anyone done a walkthrough guide to taking down an SV like the one Catman has done for the 1911? It's mainly how to strip the grip section so's i can change the grip i need to know. Any help or links would be most welcome. Cheers
  4. Oooh, i do like an SV..........or three
  5. PoP

    1911 Picture Thread

    Didn't paint the slide dude, it's an alloy replacement..... Glad you like the rear sight, had to be done! Funny thing is, if i'd known it was silver i'd never have bought it off you
  6. PoP

    1911 Picture Thread

    Nah! not at all dude, i'm happy to post up pic's in colour or B&W. Just my arty farty side showin out m8
  7. PoP

    1911 Picture Thread

    You want colour pic's of a black & silver gun?..............
  8. PoP

    1911 Picture Thread

    I'm changing the Kimbers frame over to a black one, what you think?
  9. PoP

    1911 Picture Thread

    Where'd you get the hogues dude?
  10. PoP

    WA Para Ordnance HTR

    If you say so.........MUST BE!
  11. PoP

    WA Para Ordnance HTR

    People, i'm sorry......... didn't know iwas out of order! You can probably see from my post count i'm kinda new here. Don't you think a quiet pm in this sort of instance would be more appropriate than flaming a bloke and stripping reputation? Anyway, i'll try to be a good boy from now on............... PoP
  12. PoP

    1911 Picture Thread

    Dude, i've no idea how much it would cost to mail to U.S! But i can find out and if you are genuinely interested it may be a possibility............
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