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  1. Sadly, the gearbox on my own PDW has decided to give up the the ghost, and now that I am getting ready to do a major replacement I am wondering if there are anythings I need to bear in mind when selecting a box. I'm toying with a Systema Revolution but, not being a tech-head, I'm open to any and all advice any owner might have.
  2. What with all the back and forth, this has been a bit of a downer for me, but I am grateful to the lads for the take-down, review and so on for saving me the money...
  3. You never know when you are going to get peckish, obviously.
  4. I've been looking for a lighter platform, since I suffered an arm injury last year - even my Recce Rifle was a bit over the top. Even with the metal receiver, this little beauty is light as a feather fully loaded and still, once the innards had been tweaked, gives me all the range I want (which is easy when all guns are restricted to 1 joule by law).
  5. I don't know about the actual numbers, I am afraid. I all know from the local distributor is that more or less everyone - even the majors - had their initial allocations pruned. Not uncommon, I know, but this has caused a flap in the retailer press - hence the mutterings about hype. I'm also hearing Mid Feb for a second lot, but again, this is based on nothing more concrete than a reading of retailer news sheets, not Marui releases. I'm way out in the woods and not well informed. Tokyo/Osaka peeps might know more.
  6. I would not worry too much. The first batch appears to have been unusually small - though whether it was down to that hiccup in production or a desire to create a little hype is neither here nor there - and the n2nd lot will be here soon enough. Our local shop got three and they vanished before the boxes hit the shelves. Though I missed out, one of my students did not. The little chap stood in the snow from 6am-11am on sale day to ensure his pick.... It is lovely, inside and out. Shoots very well and I'll certainly be digging into the second lot. Edit: Anyone down Tokyo way had h
  7. You have to keep in mind that I give not one fruitcage.... The power of awesome bears me up and makes me strong. I'm no soft lad. I might have been living the good life here, but I'm still a Sheffield lad, and that means Beef on Iron..... It is a bit of a weight, but when I am using it as a backup, I only have one spare mag with me, and the launcher primary is a featherweight itself. She's such a beauty. The extra poundage is worth the cool factor.
  8. That depends on the person. I like to carry it in companion to my launcher, as I find it fits very nicely down my right side on it's one-point. I could use my MP7A1, or my MAC10, or MP5K for a lighter load, but nah...... Folded up, the size is not an issue even with the longer mag, and while the weight is up there, it's not a major matter. Edit: Though, in fairness to Bankz, I never take it out with my L96, as I want something super-compact as a marksman's backup (usually my G18 or MP7)
  9. BBQs are never off topic! I use propane. There are no real issues with the gas here, it is just that the JP-LPG laws are a little odd (and rather unevenly levelled as each prefecture - sometimes each ward - can have their own zoning regulations for the use of Propane). Out in the country in Akita, as a non-agricultural/non-industrial client, I can not have more than 5kg at any one time (and only for external use). HOWEVER, my landlord's agricultural use liscence (the family rents a farm building) means that we have a 25kg can sat outside the kitchen, fueling not just the BBQ but the range
  10. Hard to get? I suppose that depends on your location and your relationship to local LP suppliers. Out in the sticks, we have a couple of lads who use propane, and buy it openly and with the knowledge of the LPGA. Still, I don't make the switch as the missus still thinks propane filled mags = dynamite.
  11. I don't know where you get that idea. I've had no trouble with 134a in mine. I'm not a full auto nutter, as I don't have many mags yet (and I only play in the warm, in one way or another), but I've not had a single issue so far. Personal experiences may differ mind you...
  12. This message seems to be going out from G&P at the moment. "If your stock have broken, you can contact the retail shop that selling this product to you to require for replace the improve stock we we have them. We will send the replacement stock to the retail shops. Best Regards, G&P Webmaster" If I read this right, just ask your supplier to order an improved stock through channels and G&P will supply to the job when ready. If true, that's bonzer.
  13. I should not really be adding this, as the weight of opinion is clear here, but I will add that when I encountered one of these at a local VN game, it impressed itself upon me in every way possible. So much so that I went home from the event with one tucked in the boot of the car. Rugged, realistic, hefty, strong, a little worn round the edges (as any good AK should be) and a beauty in hand. If you are still in doubt about buying this to sate your AK needs, be in no doubt. Nothing is perfect, and this does not pretend to be, but it hits the mark in all important ways.
  14. And yet my point still stands. Tanaka and Maruzen (the only outfits for which I can speak in this regard) are happy with the sales figures they have for their shell shotties. You are right about them not seeing more uptake in the state they are, but these guys are not huge producers and feed the market goods which it (and I do mean the Japanese market here, for - right or wrong - this is the market the companies see as most important) seems to want in a way which suits it. They may not be to everyone's taste, but they are to the taste of enough people to keep these companies ticking over
  15. These things do see a good deal of skirmish use over here - along with the old Maruzen shell jobs. I acquired an M1100 Shell ejector a while back and have been having a world of fun in CQB. a 15 dollar shell pouch sorted out the problems of scootage (and anyone using a SE shotty should have one of these) and a badolier+a gun mounted rack sorted out reloading. I'm not sure that manufacturers a looking for a larger market place for shotties. People who want to skirmish shotties 'effectively' will go to the springers for power, reliability and upgrades round here (remember how the M1100 defe
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