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  1. And now for something completely different: I just got it yesterday, the pot, liner, and cover were $40 My friend's gonna pick up a helmet band for me, so right now I'm just using a bungee...
  2. Not enough ALICE My setup: Quick question though, does anyone know if the pouch on the far left will hold 30 and/or 20 round STANAG mags? I use it to hold SIG mags but i want to get an AR-15 variant soon and want to try to keep that pouch And just out of curiosity, will a 20 round mag fit in a first aid/compass pouch?
  3. Found an old OD field dressing, ripped it up and added electric tape.
  4. Demilitarized M1903A3, for spinning/drill I has a steel lug in the barrel and the bottom half of the receiver is cut off so it can't shoot, but no firearm license needed All I need is a wood stock and rear sight.
  5. Probably the best looking SIG i've ever seen
  6. Wow, you really meant it when you said dexterous. I just got a pair today and can't believe that they'r rappelling gloves after comparing them to my old pair.
  7. Just got my butt pack and attached my gloves I'll probably end up getting two ALICE mag pouches if I decide to skirmish with this, ut I'm happy with it for now. From right to left: PETZL rappelling gloves attached via carabiner compass pouch with small first aid kit Canteen pouch with canteen and canteen cup Butt pack Canteen pouch with canteen Compass pouch with compass and small notebook. And LC2 belt and suspenders USGI Crookneck flashlight
  8. I don't think this was posted yet: US Cavalry now stocking Massic ACS, both regular and winter variants. http://uscav.com/search.aspx?Search=Massif...&CatID=5230
  9. How do you like those gloves? I'm thinking about buying mid-weight versions for rappelling and some airsoft use. Are they flexible enough to be useful in a game? That was my biggest gripe on my last rappelling gloves.
  10. Well my main concern was that the BHI clips are a weird shape and won't fit on to standard clips (I've never ordered any BHI gear before) but it's fairly cheap so I'll probably end u getting it. In the meantime, here's my pack: (Name and rank blurred) The colors in this picture is kind of weird, but it matches my ACUs perfectly. I keep a 100' roll of 550 cord in one mag pouch, and trash bags and other misc. junks in the other. pens/pencils, a knife, batteries, and shears go in the other. I've never used this for airsofting, mostly for hiking and camping.
  11. I'm not sure where to find the answer, but I guess here's the place to ask: Will this BHI pack attach to other brands, or only BHI brand packs? http://www.blackhawk.com/product/3-Day-Acc...ouch,868,70.htm I want it for my TRU-SPEC 3-Day pack http://www.uscav.com/Productinfo.aspx?prod...1&CatID=451 The compression clips looks like it'll go on fine, but will BHI clips fit them?
  12. Belleview 390 DES boots, size 10.5 wide Awesome boots. I know lots of people had problems with their issued Altama jungle boots during that night exercise that I just came back from after a fairly heavy rain, but no water got into my boots after stepping into puddles of mud and I had no blister or hotspots at all. (You can also see my issued Altama black jungle boots in the corner for my BDUs, but I really hate them compared to these)
  13. Nice kit Where did you get your OTV? I've been looking for a small or medium woodland one for quite some time and I haven't seen any covers on ebay or any other store without the SAPI plates. I'm actually thinking of doing a setup just like yours, except with ACU and not DCU
  14. That's for BDUs, the regulation on the ACUs is the SSI centered on the left shoulder velcro, SSI-FWTS centered on the right shoulder velcro. And both should be subdued in foliage green. I'm not sure why your ACUs don't have the shoulder pockets/velcro, though... From AR 670-1 (28-16, 28-17) and this post: http://community.armystudyguide.com/groupe...41/m/9471073621 (Section 5P and 5Q) (I'm just in JROTC, so please don't kill me if I'm wrong )
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